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The COVID ClearPass App for Restaurants and Venues from Red Level

COVID ClearPass App for Restaurants and Venues Helping Your Organization Stay Open and Keeping Your Customers Safe. The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live, work, and interact. Social distancing, location capacity restrictions, health screenings, and contact tracing are now business challenges. Red Level designed the COVID ClearPassGo app for organizations who need to provide a contactless check-in experience and have a contact tracing process in place. With COVID ClearPassGo, you can conduct indoor activities with reduced liability, lower waiting times for your customers, quickly generate reports, and improve your contact tracing process. COVID ClearPassGo gives your customers the ability to check-in via your restaurant's ClearPass QR Code. The app allows your organization to ...

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5 Long-Term Tech Changes Set in Motion This Year

Another year, another technology roundup. However, this list, much like the past few months, is anything but ordinary. We’ve all had to work against the clock to develop new processes and protocols to keep our companies on track, even as the virus shut down offices and halted business travel. The disruptions have been numerous, but so have the technology solutions. This recap of 2020’s fastest-changing technology offers a look at how we’ve stayed nimble and productive this past year. Remote collaboration tools thrived Working from home can make collaborating and maintaining company culture challenging. Thankfully, remote work tools have stepped up to that challenge, creating more efficient and spontaneous work environments in the process. These WFH collaboration tools empower employees to go ...

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TechKnowledgey: 2021 Readiness

New Horizons Presents - TechKnowledgey: 2021 Readiness Four Free Sessions in Four Days to Kickstart 2021. December 8th - 11th. Register Today. What are your big initiatives for 2021? Do they include cybersecurity, data utilization, team collaboration, or the cloud? Join us for TechKnowledgey: 2021 Readiness on December 8th - 11th for a series of free events featuring technical information and industry forecasting from subject matter experts. Four sessions in four days to shake off 2020 and get you geared up for a new year. Putting Cybersecurity in Context: What it Means to Secure an Organization in 2021 How to Use the Power Platform to Fight COVID and How You Can Use it to Drive ...

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Build Your Collaborative Workforce

Build Your Collaborative Workforce Bring together the people and tools you love. Do you need to modernize your digital workplaces, deliver a better employee experience, and improve productivity? The world of work is evolving at a rapid pace. What best practices can we use to efficiently collaborate and communicate with our team – no matter if they're in-person, remote, or hybrid? Luckily, technology is also evolving at a rapid pace. Red Level is excited to be partnering with Valo to bring Valo Connect to growing Michigan businesses. It's an easy-to-use tool to bring your team closer, even if they are far away. Valo Connect acts as an intranet hub for Microsoft Teams. It's a powerful ...

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Employee Tracking Webinar Thank You Registration Page

Thank You For Registering For The Importance of Employee Tracking Webinar The on-demand version of the webinar e-mail is on its way! Learn the best practices for returning to the new normal in our Importance of Employee Tracking in the New Normal Webinar with guest speakers from Bodman PLC. We will cover the latest guidelines and executive orders and what they mean for your organization, and how you can use technology to help keep your employees safe, compliant, and connected. Miss one of our webinars? Not to worry. Check out any of our past episodes below. Learn the best practices for returning to the new normal. We will cover ...

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ClearPass Thank You Registration Page

Thank You For Registering For COVID ClearPass Your COVID ClearPass e-mail is on its way! Thank you for registering to download COVID ClearPass. It is our goal to help organizations get their employees back to work safely using the best technology solutions available. We offer two distinct versions of the app for organizations of all sizes - a free version that integrates with your existing Microsoft 365 platform and a paid web app version that works great for users of G-suite and other e-mail platforms. Miss one of our webinars? Not to worry. Check out any of our past episodes below. Learn the best practices for ...

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Nine Ways to Ensure Your Company is Protecting its Employees

We all know the basics like hand-washing and social distancing, so let’s cut to the chase and talk about some topics (and solutions) you might not have considered. 1. You can’t change human behavior, but you can nudge it. The employee who was a germaphobe before quarantine began will likely continue to be the safest employee. The employee who throws dishes in the sink without washing them, and leaves empty containers everywhere will not likely change their behavior. Nothing will change here. Solution: That doesn’t mean you can make it easier for employee safety. Many companies are putting touchless hand sanitizer stations (like this one) at all entrances and in the shared dining areas. Others are requiring temperature checks upon entering. This ...

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Ransomware Attack at MSU: Keep your company safe

While we're all focused on working through COVID in the real world, hackers are working their nefarious scams in the virtual world. Their latest target is close to home – Michigan State University. A ransomware attack infected MSU yesterday stealing student data, files, and financial information. Red Level has solutions to protect your clients, data, and reputation, but there are also several simple things you can do to stay safe: Apply patches and updates. Ensure that systems are up to date and that all software updates are installed. Double-check email addresses. Watch for unfamiliar names and domains, as well as ‘spoofed’ accounts pretending to be trusted contacts. Think before clicking. Don’t click or download suspicious or unexpected attachments, or visit ...

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