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Detroit Managed IT Services

Are you keeping up with the pace of change in technology?

As an IT leader, your company depends on technology that works. At any size, systems require constant improvement, protection and support.But not every organization has or wants a dedicated IT department.

Red Level offers managed IT services Detroit businesses can depend on.We are a certified IT partner ready to provide your day-to-day helpdesk support needs while aligning your technology strategy with your business.

Red Level’s Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services by Red Level eliminates your technology headaches so you focus on your business. Our world-class team of IT experts can handle all of you IT operations or augment your existing IT staff – increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Get IT support for your employees at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. Red Level’s helpdesk support staff helps your employees solve technical issues quickly and easily. Learn more.

Get IT services, hardware and support tailored to your needs. IT as a service saves you the cost of buying and upgrading hardware, is easy to scale with your business growth, and makes IT expenses easier to manage.

Protect your network from security threats in an ever-evolving environment. Red Level’s security services include 24/7 security monitoring, malware protection, email security and much more. Learn more.

Stop making massive investments in equipment, space to accommodate it, and staff to run it. Red Level offers integrated hardware, software, servers and storage. You only pay for the infrastructure that you use. Learn more.

If you aren’t prepared, natural disasters can destroy your business in minutes. Red Level’s disaster recovery services prepare your business for the worst case scenario. No matter how bad the disaster, you’ll be able to recover. Learn more.

Backing up your company’s data in the cloud ensures that even if your equipment is destroyed or hacked, the information needed to keep your business running will be protected off-site. Learn more.

The cost of infrastructure and the personnel to run it will continue to increase. Cloud hosting will reduce your IT costs, increase your mobility, and keep your data safe. Learn more.

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Fast. Reliable. Monitor. Secure

Red Level as an IT leader, updates, manages, and improves your business services with outstanding IT support. From email to file sharing to productivity software, we unleash your workforce – turning downtime and doubt into uptime and accountability. Red Level also protects your networks – defending your data, communications, and business from hackers, viruses and prying eyes.

The Benefits

  • Remote and Onsite IT Support – 24/7/365
  • Fixed Monthly Cost
  • Continuity Management
  • Proactive Monitoring of your Environment
  • IT Protection – Security, Storage and Back-up
  • Monthly Asset Reporting Metrics
  • Managed Anti-virus and Malware Protection

Every client has a dedicated Account Manager with intimate knowledge and understanding of your infrastructure. They will meet with you periodically to get feedback on performance, discuss changes at your business, showcase new technologies, and update your unique IT plan.

Get 24/7/365 Support Today!

The Five W’s of Managed IT Services

WHO takes care of Managed IT Services?

IT leaders like Red Level focus on the small to a medium-sized business market where it’s common to find companies outsourcing their IT services. A quality IT provider should feel like part of your company’s family, like a natural extension of or another department within your business.

WHAT exactly are Managed IT Services?

  • Managed IT services are a package of IT systems and solutions for your company provided by dedicated professionals. The tools they provide leave you free to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Some managed services providers include PC and network device alerts, network security, data backup and recovery, and overall system management and maintenance.

WHERE should I begin?

  • Take a look at the size of your business and clientele. How important is data for you and your business?
  • Red Level services businesses in many different industries, all with unique needs.
  • Data security is defined differently at every company
  • Think about service outage situations and the downtime that your company can afford
  • Think about your workforce and the current or desired work location scenario for your company – people on the go, work at home policies, and the type of equipment people commonly use

WHY do I need Managed IT Services?

  • They provide security and reliability for your employees and clients. As your business grows, so will your infrastructure and its needs.
  • With Managed Services, you can choose your level of investment. Basic services include monitoring and notification, while more advanced services include proactive maintenance and monitoring along with technical engineers on hand to solve the issue.
  • A managed services provider allows your team to focus on initiatives and projects that bring real business value instead of performing routine tasks while increasing efficiency and reducing

WHEN is a business ready for a managed services provider?

What scenarios, events or problems at your workplace signal that it might be time to be working with a managed IT services provider?

  • Virus infections are more common (i.e. crypto, malware)
  • Windows updates/software updates, in general, becoming a bear to manage
  • Ready to take the next steps in technology
  • Larger staff – outgrowing the friend of a friend IT person scenario, logistics of equipment ordering, imaging, management & inventory, automation of technology services

Key symptoms that signify your business is ready

  • You’re ready to move to the cloud
  • You have old equipment or aging systems that need to be upgraded
  • You’ve experienced security breaches
  • Taking a proactive and strategic approach to your technology roadmap to prepare the business for the future
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Detroit Wallpaper Case Study

Learn how Red Level helped Detroit Wallpaper gain productivity with Microsoft 365 Business

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When it comes to managed IT services, Detroit business can depend on Red Level. We’re the managed services provider that offers IT services customized to your company’s needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

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