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Disaster Recovery Services

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the most critical component of your company’s Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). DRaaS involves duplicating physical and virtual server environments by a certified Managed IT Provider to provide a seamless backup and business continuity if disaster strikes.

Why is DRaaS important?

No company is 100% safe. Thunderstorms, ice storms, tornadoes, and earthquakes are some of the natural disasters that can damage your company’s infrastructure.

Then there are the other kinds. The human ones — like a spilled coffee cup — can be catastrophic to a laptop, especially when the laptop owner hasn’t backed up. Or the employee that clicks on a phishing link and infects the server with malware. Corrupted files, power outages, equipment failures, and even the problems of BYOD, all can take down your system.

The good news is, with DRaaS in place, you can prevent these catastrophes from affecting your business.

Business Continuity + Disaster Recovery

Businesses typically settle for general answers when choosing disaster recovery services without considering their own unique needs.

No need to worry, we have six key components to help you choose the right solution.

Continuity. We understand the cost of unexpected downtime and the effects it can have on your business. We provide disaster recovery and business continuity planning. This solution ensures that you are prepared for the unexpected.

Preventative. By taking the time to put together a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan, you’re saving yourself recovery time down the road if a disaster were to happen.

Assurance. With a solution in place, your data will be protected with a documented plan for prevention and recovery.

Standard. Businesses and people change. If you have a new IT Manager starting at your company, how do you expect them to be able to properly handle an unexpected disaster without a company-approved plan in place? Having a standard to adhere to is crucial.

Communication. Part of this plan includes the contact information of all applicable parties involved. Wouldn’t you want to have a contact list ready at your fingertips?

Coverage. Whether you have one office or several branch locations, a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan will ensure that all facets of the company are considered and protected.

Peace of Mind. Worrying about what could happen to your data in the event of a disaster is one more thing you don’t need on your mind.

Importance of Disaster Recovery Services
IT Disaster Recovery Plans

Red Level’s DRaaS Solution provides multi-cloud redundancies

This hybrid cloud approach allows for better protection with the use of Hyper-V, Vmware and Azure/AWS at the same time. It allows you to failover to any one instance from any platform (back and forth).