Elevate SharePoint Contant for Dynamic Experiences

Microsoft is enhancing SharePoint to help organizations create more engaging and visually stunning digital experiences. From branding to image and video editing, the focus is on elevating every aspect of site design. With features like the Brand Center and advanced editing tools, creative teams have full control over their content, ensuring it looks its best.

Compelling Content

Microsoft is enhancing SharePoint to help you create more engaging and visually stunning digital experiences. These updates focus on elevating every aspect of site design, including branding, typography, layout, images, and animations. This new design experience is based on the Microsoft Fluent Design System and will seamlessly integrate over time.

Introducing the Brand Center
The new Brand Center in SharePoint allows you to define fonts, colors, logos, and other design elements that represent your organization’s identity. You can easily apply these branding elements across multiple sites, ensuring consistency and alignment with your brand guidelines.

Image and Video Editing
With advanced editing tools, you can now enhance images and videos directly within SharePoint. From shape cropping to adding text overlays, you have full control over your visual content. The updated Stream web part supports various video formats and enables you to create Video Pages to showcase recordings and summaries of events seamlessly.

Content Embedding
SharePoint will offer a new content pane and suggestions feature, making it easier to add and organize content on pages. You can quickly browse and select content from across your SharePoint sites, with automatic layout suggestions to ensure your content looks its best.

Overall, these enhancements empower you to create compelling and dynamic content, enhancing engagement and providing a seamless user experience.

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