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Red Level Recognized as a Best Places to Work in Technology

We are thrilled to announce that Red Level has been named as one of the Best Places to Work in Technology for 2024. This distinguished award, presented by Best Companies Group, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering an innovative, supportive, and rewarding work environment for our team. The Best Places to Work in Technology initiative is designed to identify, recognize, and honor companies within the technology sector that excel in creating a culture of excellence for their employees. Through a rigorous evaluation process, including an employee engagement survey that covers Leadership and Planning, Corporate Culture and Communications, Role Satisfaction, Work Environment, Relationship with Supervisor, Training, Development & Resources, Pay & Benefits, and Overall Engagement, Red Level has stood out among its peers. This accolade reflects the hard work, passion, and innovation that every member of our team brings to Red Level. Our culture is one of collaboration, ...


Unlock Your Company’s Potential with a Managed Service Provider

Isn’t it amazing how technology can skyrocket a business to success? Your company's growth depends on how well you harness the power of technology. Partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be the golden ticket to streamlining operations and boosting productivity. Let’s dive into how this partnership can propel your business forward! 1. Seamless Technology Integration First things first: technology should be your friend, not a foe. How often have you faced glitches that disrupt your workflow? A Managed Service Provider takes the reins of your IT landscape. From ensuring software updates to maintaining hardware, they are your go-to experts. By ensuring your technology is running like a well-oiled machine, MSPs enable your team to focus on what truly matters - growing the business. 2. Proactive Problem Solving Picture this: it’s a Monday morning and you’re greeted by a server failure. Panic ensues. But wait – with an MSP ...


Data Governance vs. Data Management: Differentiating the Two

In today's data-driven world, organizations must not only collect and store vast amounts of data but also effectively manage and govern it. Two essential concepts that often come into play are data governance and data management. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they represent distinct disciplines with different focuses and objectives. Defining Data Governance Data governance refers to the overall strategy and framework for managing and controlling an organization's data assets. It involves the establishment of policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure that data is properly collected, stored, protected, and used. Data governance focuses on the people, processes, and organizational structures necessary to maintain data quality, integrity, and security throughout its lifecycle. Its primary goal is to ensure that data is reliable, accurate, and aligned with the organization's objectives and compliance requirements. Understanding Data Management Data management, on the other hand, is the operational aspect of handling data within ...


Work From Home Best Practices

The COVID-19 virus has created the new reality of working from home or remotely. We have a few best practices for you to keep communicating and collaborating, from both a technical and practical perspective. Microsoft published a letter from Lily Zheng in their Shanghai office. In this letter, she had three key points for your team and organization. Your Team: Stay Well Exercise every day, make sure you eat, and have a structured schedule Go All In Don’t put things off. Don’t cancel your standing meetings. Do everything remotely. Support your Teammates Check in on people. Instead of stopping by someone’s desk to chat for a second. Ping them on teams or a random video call to chat. Share photos of you working from home on Yammer. Your Organization: Share information remotely with live and recorded messages Have daily briefings that you can share a video or a recorded message. ...


SharePoint Modern Gets a Facelift With Branding Features

SharePoint Modern gets a facelift with new branding features.  Have you noticed? Modern SharePoint got a facelift with new branding features that you can now customize. There are four new branding features: themes, headers, navigation, and footer. Let’s take a quick tour. Note: To change and customize your page, you will find the four features under the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. Themes - You can pick from predefined color themes in SharePoint Modern. The color schemes have been designed for better readability. In addition to the predefined color themes, you can add and customize the supplementary color themes to enhance the color contrast based on your preferences.     Header - You now have the option to change the header and the overall look of your page. For the standard header, you have the logo, site title, and navigation. With the new branding feature, you now have the option to ...


Best From SharePoint North America Conference 2019

I have been involved in the technology industry, in the SharePoint community since 2007, just about the same time when SharePoint gained its popularity. This year, I got my first big chance to attend the 2019 SharePoint North America conference in Las Vegas and it was PHENOMENAL. There is a whole variety of things the SharePoint Conference covers, which made choosing what session to attend difficult. Every track really applied to me as I am a developer, a configure-er, an admin, and a user adoption and collaboration specialist. I went through a lot of different sessions at the conference and I would love to share my key take aways from the conference and what stood out for me from the keynotes. 1. SharePoint SharePoint Home Site: Built in the SharePoint modern interface, it mirrors a lot of the same functionality that we saw in previous on-prem versions and ...


Use Report Builder 2012 to Visualize Your SharePoint Data

Quick and Dirty Reporting for SharePoint 2013 Applications - Part 1 Good restaurants are hard to come by. The combination of tasty food, atmosphere, price, and service is a mix many owners never master. The same is true in using SharePoint as a platform to develop a department sized application. Microsoft Access, Excel and Lotus notes have traditionally played in this “no-code” space. However, SharePoint offers: tables, forms, a workflow engine, but lacks a little in the reporting area. A simple tool I have been using to resolve this shortcoming is Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Report Builder (you can download it for free here). Report Builder is a free graphics interface tool that visualizes data in table or chart formats. Report Builder can connect to numerous data sources, but what I like about it is that a SharePoint list is one of them. One of the core benefits of this ...


Phase out, Check-in and Check-out?

With shared storage of documents, overwriting other author’s work has historically been a concern. Two people would open the same document and made changes to the same content and whom over saves last wins and the other work is lost….. So as good technicians we have historically fought that scenario by requiring Checkout before editing. SharePoint would do this for us as soon as a user edited the file. A lock would be placed on the file until it is closed. Brilliant! I know those were good days.   Question: With SharePoint online and the co-authoring options, is check-out and check-in a required default. I am sure there are still scenarios when you need to check out the file for exclusive access and control. Like you want to format the whole thing or apply document-wide content or settings. What is the process and best use of the document check-in and ...


Teams button is missing in Outlook… What Do I Do?

The Issue: You do not have the icon to add Teams connectivity to your Outlook appointments (see below). The Solution: 1. Open the Teams Client application Start > Type the word Teams > Press enter 2. Click your profile picture in the upper right corner 3. Click the button: Check for Updates Look close for Messages in Teams Note: Teams will display a few messages to you to let you know when the updates are complete. 4. Close Outlook 5. Reopen Outlook 6. Create a new appointment and the Teams connectivity button will be there. …. </Boom> A full computer reboot may be needed if you have not installed windows updates in a while.


Reduce Noise Level and Manage Membership in Microsoft Teams

If you have a large family as I do, you know that sometimes the holiday party gets really noisy because there are just a lot of people. Same goes for Microsoft Teams within, especially in a large organization. Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can focus on in Microsoft Teams to effectively manage the membership and reduce the noise level. Let’s begin with reducing the chatty noise. There are two settings that you can add into your large scoped teams: General channels - Change the post permission setting to allow just the owner to post, or, create an alert so posting will notify everyone (which is recommended for large teams). @ Mentions - Configure what type of mentions are allowed or enabled within the team. Mention @ a person: Mention someone by name Mention @ an app: Do an app mention for a channel, then everybody within that ...