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User Experience – UX/UI

Good Interface Design is Intuitive Design

At Red Level, a well-executed project always begins with a thoroughly planned user research and user experience analysis.

Red Level User Experience (UX) consultants specialize in the creation of intuitive solutions that enable business goals and empower end users.

User Experience focuses on the overall emotions and attitudes evoked while using a product such as a website or an application that drives loyalty, trust, and engagement.

Red Level User Experience consultants transform user insights into experiences that drive adoption and simplify communication. They collaborate with clients to develop user-centric strategies that create stronger and more profitable relationships between teams (end users) and the entire business.

Red Level UX Design

Our User Experience approach

Usability, accessibility, and ease of use experiences are at the core of every solution we deliver.

Red Level User Experience consultants take a holistic 360° approach when discussing the organization’s pain points and finding solutions through qualitative data that provides insights into the “why” of human behavior.

Kicking off our 4D approach, our User Experience consultants conduct discovery workshops where they evaluate various key performance indicators to inform the implementation planning recommendations. The 360° approach includes the evaluation of tasks, process timing and hurtles, navigation pain points, customer support usage, page bounce and conversion rates, communication channels, governance and other mission critical metrics.

Based on the information captured in the discovery workshop, Red Level UX experts create implementation plan and road map recommendations, supported by user stories, visual prototypes, user and process flows, technologies, and the project architecture that to ensure a successful implementation and positive user adoption.

Red Level User Experience approach

Benefits of a 360° User Experience Approach

    • Leads to Higher Quality Products
    • Makes Development More Cost Effective
    • Helps Meet Deadlines (Comply with Time Limits)
    • Leads to Improved Profitability
    • Drives a Commercial Launch (Need to verify with Karina on this one?)
    • Drives Customer Satisfaction

Problems that can be remedied by UX validation

      • Abandonment of a site
      • Training costs
      • Low usage of software application
      • Errors and pain points
      • Lack of internal collaboration
      • Difficulties achieving business objectives
Red Level UX Validation Solves Design Challenges

User Experience 360° Health Check

Innovative projects require a deep User Experience validation process to ensure successful user adoption. Red Level User Experience consultants can customize a UX Health Check package that fits your business’ needs and propels your business forward.

Our consultants are well versed in various technologies and can help validate a successful user adoption by ensuring a proficient user experience through the implementation. Some methods in our UX toolkit include:

Red Level User Interface Design
      • Usability evaluation & testing
      • Heuristic evaluation
        • Homepage usability
        • Task orientation
        • Navigation and IA
        • Forms and data entry
        • Trust and credibility
        • Writing and content quality
        • Page layout and visual design
        • Search usability
        • Help, feedback and error tolerance
      • Accessibility analysis
      • Product Development
      • Information Architecture
      • User Flow
      • Process Flow
      • Speed test and load time optimization
      • Technical debt analysis:
        • Best practices evaluation
        • Identification of stability issues, potential security vulnerabilities, as well as inefficient and unmaintainable code.
      • Documentation and process gaps
      • Brand development: Guidelines, patterns, look/feel consistency, tone of voice.