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Business Intelligence & Analytics Firm

Use data to make better business decisions and gain an advantage over your competition.

You may be sitting on a gold mine of data that could bring your business more revenue, better products and happier customers. But you need the technology to make sense of all that data. That’s where business intelligence and analytics comes in.

What is business intelligence and analytics?

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics are two terms with different definitions depending on who you ask. Here’s how we define them

Analytics is the collection and analysis of data relating to a business. Business intelligence is technology and its use to transform raw analytics into actionable information for making business decisions.

When put together, business intelligence and analytics give stakeholders the best information needed to make good decisions.

Why use business intelligence and analytics?

How Red Level can help you use data to your advantage

Red Level is committed to showing our customers how technology can be used to achieve their business goals. Business intelligence and analytics can give you company a decisive advantage over competitors.

Contact Red Level today to find out how we can use business intelligence and analytics to help your business.

Detroit Wallpaper Case Study

Learn how Red Level helped Detroit Wallpaper gain productivity with Microsoft 365 Business

“Red Level helped pull us out of this terminal dive we were in with outdated technology, older operating systems, and disparate applications.”
– Josh Young, co-founder The Detroit Wallpaper Co.