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Product Development

Your Unique Business Challenge Requires a Customized Technology Solution

Every business or industry has a unique challenge to solve, and Red Level knows how to help you solve your challenges. Some of the best solutions are driven by tailor-made technology.

The Red Level product development team is extremely effective at recognizing a business challenge and crafting a custom software solution to meet your business needs. Our development team takes an agile approach that we call The 4 Ds; discover, distill, design and deploy to craft a business application that addresses your businesses pain points.

The Red Level product development team has successfully helped major organizations throughout Michigan to drive tangible business results with software and applications exclusively designed to tackle their unique challenge.

Agile Approach Diagram

Red Level delivers results for Michigan businesses

  • Steelcase drive efficiency, quality and savings
  • ASR Health Benefits build health coverage efficiency and better member relations
  • Ajax Paving to keep drivers, job details and payroll on track

Red Level has also developed proprietary custom solutions to help organizations like yours improve organizational efficiency, transform data into business insights, and streamline the processes.

Team Collaborating

Improve Organizational Efficiency with ContentIQ Yammer Connecter

The ContentIQ Yammer Connector unifies search index, including all posts and file attachments from multiple internal and external web sites, SharePoint and Social networking tools that allow end-users to easily and securely find and use the knowledge of the organization regardless of its source.

Want to learn more or see if ContentIQ Yammer Connector is the right choice for your organization? Let’s talk.

Transform Data with Content Intelligence

Red Level Content Intelligence Accelerator enables a business to normalize structured and unstructured data from any data source, make it searchable and then utilize Microsoft Power BI and Machine Learning tools to visualize the data and create valuable insight.

Want to learn more or see if our Content Intelligence Accelerator is the right choice for your organization? Let’s talk.

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Curia Description

Curia: Interpretive Exhibition Planning

Curia is designed to modernize and streamline the museum exhibition planning process. It intuitively consolidates all documents in one place and seamlessly integrates with TMS, so curators spend less time hunting for information and more time crafting amazing exhibitions. Curia enables curators to collaborate and share information and ideas during the planning process and preserve a digital archive of the exhibition.

Learn how the nations top museums doing more with Curia. Visit