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Enterprise Cloud Application Hosting

Enterprise cloud application hosting makes your applications less costly and easier to access

Building and maintaining a network at your facility is becoming increasingly difficult. Technology is constantly changing. Security threats are increasing. Employees are accessing their work from multiple locations using multiple devices.

Enterprise cloud application hosting allows you to use applications while paying only for what you use.

Moving to the cloud doesn’t just save you money. It also makes using applications easier and safer.

Enterprise Cloud Hosting

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Why you should host your applications in the cloud

Reduce cost

Moving your network to the cloud eliminates the cost of major hardware upgrades. Hosting applications in the cloud improves productivity. Cloud applications also provide better version control, which means less wasted time and errors. Overall, moving to the cloud is a great move for your bottom line.

Enable remote working

The number of people working from home is on the rise. The ability to work remotely can help your business attract talented employees. Hosting your applications in the cloud allows employees to do their job from anywhere with an internet connection.

Disaster recovery

Tornadoes, earthquakes and floods may be rare, but they’re a reality. Hosting your network and applications in the cloud allows your team to continue work even if they can’t work in your building. Other cloud solutions like cloud backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service can protect your business from disaster.

Improved security

Hosting your applications in the cloud gives you access to always-on security. Red Level monitors your network 24/7 for signs of malware. We can also control who has access to your applications in the cloud to keep important information safe from those who shouldn’t see it.

Red Level’s Mi-Cloud provides a custom cloud solution

Application hosting is one of many features available when you choose Red Level’s Mi-Cloud. Cookie-cutter cloud solutions often result in spending for what you may not need. Red Level’s Mi-Cloud is customized to your company’s unique needs. Here are a few of the other features of Mi-Cloud:

  • 24×7 proactive system monitoring, helpdesk, and support

  • Virus protection

  • Secure, remote access

  • Managed firewall and servers

  • Managed security alerts

  • Office backup and disaster recovery

  • Fault tolerance (Second standby server)

  • Strategic planning

  • Vendor management

  • Access to your system while working anywhere

  • Hosting for numerous third-party business-critical applications

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