Mastering SharePoint with Copilot

We’re thrilled to introduce Copilot, Microsoft’s biggest leap forward in 22 years. Copilot combines advanced technology with your data, making it easier than ever to create top-notch SharePoint sites and pages. Simply describe what you want, and it’ll guide you through the process while maintaining a focus on security and privacy.

But that’s not all! Copilot also transforms your existing content into eye-catching SharePoint pages, saving you time and effort. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with your organization’s branding, ensuring consistency across all sites.

Simpler Authoring with Copilot

SharePoint has always aimed to make creating and managing sites easier for its users. We also understand that starting from scratch and collaborating with others can be challenging. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Copilot in SharePoint.

Copilot combines advanced technology with your data to help you create SharePoint sites and pages by describing what you want. It uses language models and your organization’s information to guide you through the process. Plus, it’s all done with a strong focus on security and privacy.

These new features mean you’ll spend less time setting up SharePoint sites while ensuring they’re top-notch. You can access Copilot from the new SharePoint start page, where it quickly creates a starter site for you, pulls in relevant info from your organization, and even matches your brand’s style!

It also assists with transforming your existing content into eye-catching SharePoint pages. Acting as your web design partner, Copilot takes your documents or presentations and turns them into visually appealing site pages while also helping you fine-tune the text for maximum reader engagement.

Level Up with Red Level and Microsoft SharePoint

Watch for more News & Views from Red Level as we explore the specifics of what these SharePoint innovations will mean to you and your organization!

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