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VMware’s vSphere 5.5 has served countless businesses, and many Red Level clients, exceedingly well. As a cloud computing virtualization platform, vSphere 5.5 placed features and functions that were undreamed of previously, and made managing complex hybrid cloud environments incredibly easy and effective. Our clients reported outstanding stability and security, and they came to count on vSphere 5.5 to a remarkable degree – and many have been more than a little reluctant to let it go. […]

We’re Microsoft’s Heartland Cloud Partner of the Year

Excuse me if I seem a little bit proud at the moment. I am. Red Level has been named as Microsoft USB Champions Club Heartland Cloud Partner of the Year for 2016. Not for the first time, or the second, but for the third year running. In 2014, Red Level was named Partner of the Year and for the past two consecutive years, Cloud Partner of the Year. A true “hat trick”. What does that mean, you ask? Well, if you’re not in our line of work, that title might not mean a lot to you, but from where we stand it means a lot. In essence, it means that our company has been selected for outstanding performance when it [...]

Cloud Solutions: What is Cloud Computing?

According to the Right Scale 2018 State of the Cloud Survey, 96% of companies are using the cloud to some extent. If you aren’t taking advantage of cloud computing, or don’t know how best to implement it, we’ve written this guide to help you. We’ll go over some of the most common questions that people have about this technology. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a service in which companies pay cloud providers to offer Traditionally, companies have bought their own hardware, built their own networks and managed their own IT on-site. But in today’s world, in which technology changes very quickly, maintaining an on-site network has become very expensive. Cloud computing allows businesses to buy the services they [...]

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