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Business Productivity | Microsoft Office 365 Providers

Use technology to build a stronger, more efficient team

Do any of these problems sound familiar to you?

  • Remote workers can’ access documents when out of the office
  • Teams can’t collaborate by working on the same document
  • Version control is an ongoing issue
  • Emails and calendars are not linked
  • Training new users or those who are not familiar with programs is time-consuming
  • Staff have trouble using different and multiple devices to access data

These are the problems of a business working with the productivity tools of yesterday. Modern workforces need a full set of tools to communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

Red Level and Office 365 can make your company more productive

How does business productivity technology make a difference in your bottom line? Here’s an example from the Forester report The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Office 365.

Savings and growth

  • ROI grew 150%

  • Expenditure paid back in 5.1 months

  • Remote productivity: $76,000 over three years

Reduced costs

  • Hardware and software: $40,000

  • Third party software and services: 19%

  • Security and compliance: $4,929 over three years

  • Third-party software and services: $8,100 annually

  • Hardware, software and IT labor: $89,789

  • Productivity: Saving 45 hours per mobile worker

Microsoft 365 and its business productivity tools are game-changing technology for your business.

How business productivity technology will help your team

Unified communication tools have forever changed how the workforce connects. With a cloud-based productivity platform, your team can work on project and communicate from anywhere in the world.

  • Never miss a meeting. Screen sharing and video technology allow your team to meet and collaborate easily.
  • Collaborate from anywhere. Employees can work together on documents in real time from separate locations.

Thanks to cutting-edge business productivity technology, IT is no longer a cost center. Instead, it’s a strategic, time-saving and invaluable resource. Here are a few of the ways that cloud-based business productivity tools improve your bottom line:

  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Eliminate software updates
  • Significantly reduce management time
  • Streamline processes
  • Improve flexibility
  • Scale quickly
  • Reduce network downtime

Deploying the right communication and productivity cloud solution takes the security burden – and the risks and costs associated with security – off of an organization’s IT department.

  • Automation reduces the likelihood of human error resulting in a breach
  • Redundancy ensures that work can resume quickly if there is a failure
  • Always on security means 99.9% uptime and multiple copies of data for redundancy
  • Advanced threat protection keeps your network safe from a breach

Cloud business productivity tools help businesses get work done effectively. They add more flexibility, security and stability than ever before. This is a big advantage and cost saver. IT can say goodbye to downtime, high costs and inefficiencies.

Let us know about your company’s productivity needs

Ready to put productivity problems in the past? The experts at Red Level are ready to show you how Microsft Office 365 can make your business more profitable.

Detroit Wallpaper Case Study

Learn how Red Level helped Detroit Wallpaper gain productivity with Microsoft 365 Business

“Red Level helped pull us out of this terminal dive we were in with outdated technology, older operating systems, and disparate applications.”
– Josh Young, co-founder The Detroit Wallpaper Co.