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Microsoft Teams

Ready or not, Microsoft Teams is set to take over for Skype for Business

How do much do you really know about Teams? Is your organization ready for the transition?

Fear not, Red Level will walk you through the steps necessary to harness all the benefits Teams has to offer.

Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork within Office 365 is built to respond to the evolution of collaboration in the modern workplace. It solves for the collaboration and communication needs of a diverse and disperse workforce.

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Teams allows users to collaborate real-time with chat, voice, and video conferencing capabilities. The seamless integration of other apps and services in Office 3665 environment, Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint, Stream, or PowerBI allows users to collaborate and get the project done in one central place.

Red Level Collaboration Tools

To truly leverage this powerful tool, Red Level collaboration consultants provide guidance and insights you can use to help drive adoption and make the most of Teams.

Red Level collaboration consultants help our clients strategize governance policies to provide a seamless user experience, and easier administration of Teams.

Ready to unleash the power of collaboration?

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When it comes to collaboration solutions, Michigan business’s trust Red Level for speed, reliability, and security. Talk to a Microsoft Teams expert at Red Level to find out how we can help level up your enterprise.

8 Steps to Microsoft Teams Quick Start

  • Assess and examine your network and IT environment readiness
  • Manage lifecycle in Teams
  • Create a Teams Governance Plan
  • Plan for Teams launch and deployment
  • Manage Teams Features
  • Provide IT admins trainings
  • Enable end users with required training
  • Drive user adoption
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Find your Teams Success Today

Don’t assume collaboration will spark just because you have deployed Teams. Ensure the long-term success with Red Level’s Quick Starts.