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Collaboration Solutions

Are you working efficiently as an organization?

An optimized business gets information to the people that need it when they need it.

Your organization needs the information to be findable and relevant in order to be useful. Chances are your organization is swimming in a sea of high-value content that no one can find. Many organizations turn to Digital Transformation and collaboration technologies for the answers.

Digital transformation start with technology but it’s user adoption that makes it work. Aligning your solutions to the way that people find and use information is key. Technology can be powerful – but if it’s underutilized or in the wrong place, it will never deliver results. Our broad range of solutions will help you store, visualize, and access information to meet your needs and produce value.

Collaboration Solutions at Red Level

Red Level’s Collaboration Solutions

Let us help you define your enterprise collaboration objectives and work together to make them a reality.

Red Level Collaboration Services Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams

Get everyone on the same page with Teams – a shared workspace where your whole organization can group chat, host online meetings, and share files.

Red Level Services SharePoint Development icon


Microsoft SharePoint

Share and organize with SharePoint – the perfect content management tool to help your business build intranets, portals, dashboards, and workflows.

Red Level Services Microsoft Flow


Microsoft Flow

Flow integrates with your favorite apps to automate repetitive tasks. It’s workflow automation made easy – get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more.

Red Level Collaboration Services Microsoft Yammer


Microsoft Yammer

Yammer is your internal communications hub. It turns social networking into business networking – keeping your company aligned and moving forward.



Boost your team engagement with easy-to-use communication, social and collaboration features from Red Level.

Digital Workplaces

Digital Workplaces

Process Workflows

Process Workflows

Leverage powerful and easy-to-use workflow automation software to streamline the processes that make up the core of your business.

Process Automation

Process Automation

Increase your company’s productivity and efficiency with the latest process automation software.

Content Management

Content Management

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps by giving you tools to organize and manage documents, videos, and web pages throughout the content life cycle, from creation to archive.

Information Governance

Information Governance

Set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how your organization’s information is shared and managed.

Contact Red Level for custom collaboration solutions

When it comes to collaboration solutions, Michigan business’s trust Red Level for speed, reliability, and security. Talk to a collaboration expert at Red Level to find out how we can help level up your enterprise.

Simplify Your Business Relationships

Red Level enables communication and collaboration on an enterprise-grade scale. The key to finding your organization’s perfect solution is to first define the unique requirements of your team. How does your team interact best, and in what areas are you struggling with cooperation? What technological needs are not met in your organization, and how is the lack of technology negatively effecting communication? How can you streamline communication in your organization and promote better teamwork?

Our collaboration consultants are disciplined leaders who are experts in strategy and implementation. Our team leverages the latest workflow and content management technology to meet your needs to boost productivity.

Red Level Collaboration Tools
Red Level Collaboration Solutions

Let Red Level bring your collaboration and communication vision to life.

We develop, design and implement customized solutions and strategies that unleash your full organizational potential. We can provide enhanced, predictive, and prescriptive enterprise solutions that streamline your business processes, increase flexibility, engagement, time and cost efficiency.

You achieve more when you have high-quality communication and collaboration between internal teams and external clients. We can help you allow teams to work together to share records, ideas, documents, and plans in real time. Our advanced technology provides business-grade alternatives that work.

Whether you are looking to boost productivity or reduce out of pocket expenditures, Red Level can provide thorough insights into what your business needs in a collaboration solution and enable you to understand more about your strategies, budget, and collaborative requirements of your business.

Red Level has proven solutions to enhance workplace collaboration across platforms, utilize the power of information, and strengthen your competitive edge.

Contact Red Level today to define and evaluate your collaboration needs.