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App Development

Red Level’s App Development practice specializes in bringing App Innovation to your business.

Our technology consultants, architects, and developers have a deep understanding of what it takes to move the needle and push your business forward through app modernization, systems integration, and innovation. From app modernization, systems integration, process automation, and DevOps, we partner with you to bring impactful solutions that align with your business strategy.

Team Collaborating in Office

Custom Solutions for SharePoint and Teams

Extend your Microsoft 365 features by building custom solutions that fully integrate with your SharePoint and Microsoft Teams platforms.

• Custom Solutions for Teams
• Custom SharePoint Web Parts
• Custom Web Apps with SharePoint as a headless CMS
• SharePoint Business Solutions

Web App Solutions

Every day, businesses uncover ideas for innovating software but lack the capacity to develop them into tangible products. We excel at crafting custom solutions and applications that are aligned with your technology goals and drive your business forward.  Our emphasis on user acceptance testing ensures your solution is meeting all the crucial requirements to guarantee success and engagement.

• Modern Web App; including online/offline capabilities and sync data periodically
• Responsive across browsers tablets and smartphones
• Multiplatform API Integrations
• Creation of custom API Development
• Desktop Applications
Product development

Mobile App Solutions

• Cross-platform or native iOS/Android
• Gateway and management applications for IoT devices
• QR and barcode generation and reader compatibility
• User-friendly design

Data Reporting and Business Insights

The success of digital transformation is achieved through data intelligence.

• Power BI
• Data Visualizations
• Alerts and Notifications

Data Management and Architecture

• Azure SQL Databases
• Data warehousing
• SQL Database Administration
• Reporting
• Heatmapping / Eye-tracking testing

Multicloud Strategy

Whether you store your data on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid, when looking for data persistence, you must balance scalability with privacy and data management requirements. Our development consultants partner with your operations experts to set up their systems to work efficiently through automation and infrastructure as code.

• Microservices and containers
• Data Storage
• Automation
• Monitoring and Logging

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Our App Development consultants partner with organizations to roll out innovative solutions that fully integrate software with devices.

• Product development for industrial, commercial, and customer systems
• QR /Barcode and sensors
• End-User web/mobile applications
• Embedded software

User Experience

A successful project always begins with a thoroughly planned user research and user experience analysis. Learn More

• Web Design
• User testing and Validation
• Heatmapping and eye-tracking

Red Level Agile Approach graphic

Our Project Apporach

Red Level App Development process employs an Agile methodology that allows for development to occur in short cycles that incorporate often testing and client feedback. This provides an ideal structure that allows to efficiently build solutions and respond to changes quickly.

The dreams of science fiction are becoming reality today. With the futuristic gesture control interface of Red Level’s Motia, the future is coming to a museum near you. Motia was created by a partnership between Red Level’s expert team of technologists and museum professionals. The cutting-edge spatial computing revolutionizes museum visitors’ experiences. Allowing visitors to look deeper than ever before and interact with a museum’s collection like never before.

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Steelcase – Efficiency, Quality and Savings through Custom Mobile Apps

Learn how a Red Level helped a furniture manufacturer implement cost-effective site and plant visits via a custom app.

Steelcase Case Study

Ready to Modernize Your Processes?

Whether you’re looking to automate your processes, modernize your approach with innovative solutions, or a custom application, our development consultants can point you in the right direction.