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IT Consulting Services in Detroit

Do you need an IT consulting company?

Technology and growth go together. Used properly, IT can be the catalyst that allows you to dominate your competition. When overlooked, IT can be what holds your business back.

Planning is what makes the difference. Companies that plan on using technology to advance their business goals succeed. Those that fly by the seat of their pants are left behind.

Red Level will help you succeed by building an IT strategy tailored to your business.

How Red Level consults your IT strategy

Red Level works with your IT team to lay out a strategic roadmap and monitor its success.

  • Developing IT strategy: Red Level IT strategy consultants work closely with your company’s leadership to identify how IT can achieve your company’s business goals.
  • Creating your IT roadmap: We will work with your team to create an IT roadmap based on your company’s needs.
  • Project management: We can help your IT team implement projects and initiatives outlined in the IT strategy.
  • Reporting: We can produce quarterly and year-end reviews to report how well your company’s IT strategy has been implemented.

Align IT with your business goals

At the heart of IT strategy is combining your IT strategy with your business strategy. For most companies, IT is integral to a business. Yet, many businesses separate IT from their business goals. Red Level’s IT strategy consultants work with you to align your business goals and the technology you need to achieve them.

Layout your IT roadmap

Once you know what technology is needed to grow your business, you’ll need an IT roadmap to plan your path to success. An IT road map is a long-term plan for success that includes:

  • Strategic goals
  • Resources needed
  • Prioritization of projects
  • Timeline of projects
  • Cost and duration of projects
  • Ownership of projects
  • Opportunities for future projects

Get expert support for your IT projects

Red Level has built a team of experts in supporting projects that are vital to most IT strategies, including:

  • Managed IT Services

    From helpdesk to Disaster Recovery as a Service, Red Level offers a wide variety of managed IT services to support your IT strategy. Learn more.

  • Cloud computing

    The cloud gives companies the ability to reduce infrastructure costs, access data from around the world, and be prepared for disaster. Red Level can support your cloud projects. Learn more.

  • Security

    Cyber attacks on businesses are increasing in number and complexity. Red Level’s IT security experts can support projects aimed at keeping your data secure. Learn more.

  • Business intelligence and analytics

    Use data to make better business decisions. Our BI and analytics experts can show you how data can revolutionize your business strategy. Learn more.

Use reporting to stay on target

KPIs and milestones allow you to know whether your team is accomplishing the goals set in your IT strategy. Red Level uses quarterly and year-end reviews to report on your company’s progress along its IT roadmap

Contact Red Level to discuss your IT strategy

Ready to discuss an IT strategy for your business? Contact the IT strategy consultants at Red Level to find out how technology can support your business goals

Detroit Wallpaper Case Study

Learn how Red Level helped Detroit Wallpaper gain productivity with Microsoft 365 Business

“Red Level helped pull us out of this terminal dive we were in with outdated technology, older operating systems, and disparate applications.”
– Josh Young, co-founder The Detroit Wallpaper Co.