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Cloud & Infrastructure

The pressure for companies to head toward the cloud is increasing. Infrastructure cost is rising. Technology is ever-changing. Employees working remotely doesn’t work well with a closed, on-premise network.

Red Level is one of the leading cloud service providers that can help you with affordable and flexible cloud services.

Why migrate your business to the cloud?

Reduce your IT cost

Keeping your network in-house requires purchasing hardware and hiring people to maintain it. That cost will only continue to increase. Your business can save money by letting a cloud services provider manage your network for you.

Keep your data secure

Storing your data on-site puts it at risk for loss from natural disaster, security breach or other crisis. Investing in cloud services allows you to disaster-proof your data. You’ll also have somebody monitoring the security of your data 24/7.

Access your resources anytime, anywhere

The cloud allows your team to work from anywhere in the world. In case of a disaster, your team can continue to work. This also gives you the potential to hire talented employees who want to work remotely.

Michigan Cloud Service Provider

Red Level provides cloud services that are tailored to your company’s needs

We offer the same level of cloud services as big cloud companies. But we offer them at a size and price that makes sense for small to medium businesses.

Every company’s IT needs are unique, but many cloud service providers aren’t flexible enough to provide customized service. They try to fit you into a one-size-fits-all package. That means you lose a lot of flexibility and control.

Red Level gives you scalability, control and personalization.

What cloud services does Red Level offer?

Public Cloud

We host your information in our datacenter. The resources for a public cloud are shared between yours and other businesses.

  • Enjoy 24/7 helpdesk, security and support.
  • Hardware, application and bandwidth costs are already covered.
  • Scalability is flexible. You only pay for what resources your business uses.
  • Access your system while working anywhere

Private Cloud

A private cloud is made solely for your company’s use. The hardware and software used for a private cloud aren’t used for other businesses. You get all of the benefits of the public cloud, plus:

  • Your private cloud can be hosted at a datacenter at your facility or located remotely.
  • You get a higher level of security by not sharing your resources with others
  • Your cloud can be further customized to fit your company’s IT needs.
  • We can adjust the scale depending on your demand.

Hybrid Cloud

By using a hybrid cloud, we can develop an environment based on your preferences and requirements. We can place certain information in the public cloud, and other data in your private cloud. This offers you the best of both the public and private clouds.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Security

47% of data breaches were caused by malicious attacks. The volume and complexity of attacks will only increase as hackers search for new ways to steal your data. With 24/7 security monitoring and malware protection, Red Level can keep your data safe in the cloud.

Cloud Backup

Many businesses aren’t properly backing up their data. And even if they are backing it up, on-site are at risk. Cloud backup ensures that even if your equipment is destroyed, the information needed to keep your business running will not be.

Disaster Recovery

Fires, floods, and tornadoes aren’t daily occurrences for most of us, but they are a reality. Red Level offers disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) to protect your business in the worst case scenario. We create a virtual clone of your network. Even if everything is lost, you’ll be able to access the network remotely.

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When it comes to cloud services, Detroit business’s trust Red Level for speed, reliability and security. Talk to an enterprise cloud services expert to find out how we can help your company migrate to the cloud.