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OneNote: How to use it in an organization

What is OneNote? OneNote is, as its name implies, an electronic notebook. It excels as a personal tool for recording ad hoc, unstructured information that you need to write down quickly without the need for a lot of planning and organization.  Information such as: Names, addresses, phone numbers Outlining/brainstorming documents Research notes Planning schedules and appointments Meeting notes Note that many of these information types may have a better place to record them in a structured way for sharing in the organizations.  For example: Contact information can be stored in Exchange, either in your personal contacts or in shared contacts; or in a CRM system. Finished documents should go in a document management repository. Research notes and meeting notes, however, [...]

The Redmond Channel Partner Top 200: We’ll Feel At Home Here

Most of us are familiar with that special feeling that comes from time to time when you know you’re performing professionally at the top of your game. It’s beyond the sense of simply knowing you’re doing a good job – it’s the sense of hitting a home run, and being confident that you could immediately go out and do it again. That’s how I’m feeling about our Red Level team these days. Some recent news we received from Redmond Channel Partner, Microsoft’s knowledge-sharing site for Microsoft solution providers, is one of the main reasons why. We recently announced that Red Level had been named to Redmond Channel Partner’s “Top 200 Solution Providers” list, an annual index of the top 200 [...]

Microsoft Teams and Collaboration Tool Landscape

The Situation: Productivity continues to be on the radar of many companies. A copious amount of time is wasted searching for data, the increased volumes of email and the fact users are asked to collaborate with 2x more teams than they did 5 years ago all lend to lost productivity. This time lost hurts daily productivity. The ingredients that make up our business world are changing faster and faster. Will we find a tool that helps? The Solution: IT leadership is asked to provide a tool that can help facilitate collaboration in an engaging, socially interactive way. From: The Ultimate Guide to Chat-based Tools Evaluation of Existing Tools Microsoft has had a few products within the collaboration space. These [...]

We’re Microsoft’s Heartland Cloud Partner of the Year

Excuse me if I seem a little bit proud at the moment. I am. Red Level has been named as Microsoft USB Champions Club Heartland Cloud Partner of the Year for 2016. Not for the first time, or the second, but for the third year running. In 2014, Red Level was named Partner of the Year and for the past two consecutive years, Cloud Partner of the Year. A true “hat trick”. What does that mean, you ask? Well, if you’re not in our line of work, that title might not mean a lot to you, but from where we stand it means a lot. In essence, it means that our company has been selected for outstanding performance when it [...]