The Redmond Channel Partner Top 200: We’ll Feel At Home Here

Most of us are familiar with that special feeling that comes from time to time when you know you’re performing professionally at the top of your game. It’s beyond the sense of simply knowing you’re doing a good job – it’s the sense of hitting a home run, and being confident that you could immediately go out and do it again. That’s how I’m feeling about our Red Level team these days. Some recent news we received from Redmond Channel Partner, Microsoft’s knowledge-sharing site for Microsoft solution providers, is one of the main reasons why.

We recently announced that Red Level had been named to Redmond Channel Partner’s “Top 200 Solution Providers” list, an annual index of the top 200 Microsoft solution providers in the USA. It probably sounds like “inside baseball” to anyone outside the IT field, but from our standpoint it’s pretty significant: The listing served as a concrete acknowledgment of the quality of our service and the value we provide to our clients, as assessed by some of our most knowledgeable peers. Making the list was no mean feat – there are a lot of smart people and good companies operating in our space on the national stage, and to be included is an honor and a privilege.

This tells me that we’ve been doing something right, and doing it in a way that is continually making our company and the services we provide better and better. Striving for continuous improvement is a way of life for our team, and it shows in every aspect of the work they do. Apart from the daily drive to deliver the very best to the companies and organizations who place their trust in us, our people continually push themselves to learn more, expand their skills, and grow professionally. The concrete result of that commitment to excellence is this recognition, and others like it.

What pleases me even more about this honor is the context in which it is received. The past year has been a particularly busy, active, and challenging one for the Red Level team: We’ve experienced substantial growth, not only in terms of our head count but the number of clients we serve. We’ve expanded our service offerings to embrace advanced new technologies. And significantly, we moved into our new headquarters; apart from the actual move itself, we took it upon ourselves to design it, oversee its construction, and outfit it with some of the newest and best communication and productivity technology available. It was a big job, and it would have been easy to get bogged down – but I’m happy to say that our people didn’t miss a beat.

Together, we’ve done a lot, and we’ve done it well. I’m proud of all these accomplishments, but I’m even more excited about what they portend for the future: The Red Level team has demonstrated again that by working closely and diligently together, we can tackle multiple challenges and come out ahead. We know that the coming months and years are going to bring new challenges, opportunities, and chances to learn and grow. By continuing to work together, we’ll make the most of them.

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