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Azure Fundamentals Quick Start

Ready to discover how Microsoft Azure can help transform your organization?

The first step any organization should take is to learn and understand the fundamentals of the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Azure Fundamentals Quick Start

The Azure Fundamentals Quick Start provides you and your team with a structured approach for obtaining the knowledge necessary before any planning and implementation activities.

The engagement consists of:

Understand the benefits and considerations of using cloud services, the difference between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and the differences between public, private, and hybrid cloud models

Understand the core Azure architectural components (e.g., Regions, Availability Zones, Azure Resource Manager), some of the core products available in Azure (e.g., Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Virtual Network, VPN Gateway, Block Storage, Disk Storage, Azure SQL Database), some of the solutions  available on Azure (e.g., IoT Fundamentals, Azure Machine Learning Service, Azure Functions, Logic Apps), and Azure management tools

Understand securing network connectivity in Azure, core Azure Identity services, security tools and features of Azure, Azure governance methodologies, monitoring and reporting options in Azure, and
privacy, compliance, and data protection standards in Azure

Understand Azure subscriptions, planning and management of costs, support options with Azure, Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and the service lifecycle in Azure

Azure Fundamentals

I’m ready for the Azure Fundamentals Quick Start, but…

What will we gain?

» An understanding of cloud concepts
» An understanding of core Azure services
» An understanding of security, privacy, compliance, and trust in Azure
» An understanding of Azure pricing and support
» A digital reference guide mapping the Azure concepts covered in the workshop to the latest version of the corresponding in-depth Microsoft Azure documentation

How will it work?

1. In-Person Full Day workshop delivered by a Microsoft-certified Azure architect
2. Azure Reference Guide & Documentation

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