Excel Automation Add-In

Today we are going to cover Excel Automation Add-In which allows you to set your own User Defined Functions. Now, before we jump in, I had a desire to write functions using C#. And I wanted them to be deployable, so not just linked to an excel macro worksheet. With those two requirements, there are a few ways to write Excel Add-Ins which allow User Defined Functions (UDF’s). There are COM add-ins, Automation Add-ins, and XLL Add-ins.  For the sake of not using a library to build the XLL Add-In, I was sitting between using a COM Add-In or an Automation Add-In. When researching, I discovered Automation Add-Ins are simpler to set up initially, and also are extensible to the [...]

10 Things to Look for in a Managed Services Provider

As businesses start to grow, so do their technology needs. Growing businesses often find that they save time and money by contracting with the right Managed Services partner. Managed Services allow you to augment your existing IT staff and infrastructure by partnering with a dedicated IT firm to take care of your network, servers, computers, and all your technology needs. This is the perfect solution for companies who need to operate at peak efficiency but do not have the resources to manage a large on-site IT staff. Choosing the right partner for your Managed Services needs is important. Here are 10 Things to look for as you are evaluating a managed services provider: Evaluating a Managed Services Provider Availability You don’t [...]

Labor Day Closure

In recognition of the upcoming Labor Day holiday, Red level will be closed on Monday, September 3rd. But you are never alone. For emergency technical support call 248-412-8210.  We wish you a happy, relaxing day filled with family and friends, doing whatever you enjoy most. Our offices will reopen on Tuesday, September 4th. 

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Red Letter IT Newsletter – August 2018

Let's take a look at these 5 quick but important IT stories you should know about: MICROSOFT EVENT: Office 365 Summit Recap We assembled a team of experts to share best practices on security for Office 365 with tech leaders from around Metro Detroit. TECH NEWS: What's The "Power" In Microsoft's Power BI (Business Intelligence)? An impactful cloud-based tool that transforms a company’s data into rich visuals for its employees so they can focus on what matters. BLOG: Phishing Scam Target Travelers And Hotels Cyber-criminals will take advantage of any situation that separates people from their money. RED LEVELER SPOTLIGHT: James Graff Loves A Good Quest"What was great about it was that I was able to save them money and time, and that freed up resources for [...]

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Office 365 Summit Recap

We had a packed house at the new Microsoft Technology Center downtown for our Office 365 Summit.  We assembled a team of experts to share best practices on Security for Office 365, PowerApps and Microsoft Stream with tech leaders from around Metro Detroit. Keeping data and identities secure is a top priority of all businesses large and small. In the past the primary way of securing data was to introduce a firewall on the front end of the network and install Anti-Virus protection on the end points. This may have worked in the past but malicious attacks are getting more and more sophisticated and data thieves are getting more creative in their approach to steal data and compromise identities. There have been [...]

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Happy New Year from Red Level

Red Level’s offices will be closed on Monday, January 2nd, but you are never alone. For emergency technical support please call 248.412.8210. We wish you a very happy New Year filled with family, friends and football! Thank you, The Red Level Support Team 248.412.8210 support@redlevelnetworks.com

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Happy Holidays from Red Level

  Red Level’s offices will be closed on Monday, December 26th, but you are never alone. For emergency technical support please call 248.412.8210. We wish you a very happy holiday season filled with family, friends and tasty treats! We have so much to celebrate – especially a great team and great clients like you. […]

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The CIO Holiday Wish List

It’s just a few days before Christmas, and well into Hanukkah. That means it’s a good time to spare a thought for your company’s CIO. Chances are you haven’t lately. Why would you? After all, they’re always off in that dark server room, twiddling with some piece of gear or another, or with their eyes transfixed to their computer monitors as they mutter darkly about downtime or network traffic statistics. Of course, there is the small fact that while everyone else in your company goes blithely about their business munching holiday cookies and booking skiing vacations in Aspen, your poor neglected CIO is busy warding off hordes of hackers, reconciling fractious disputes between pieces of hardware, and otherwise keeping the [...]

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Red Level Moves to New HQ in Novi

Red Level is relocating its corporate headquarters to accommodate rapid growth, the company announced today. The Novi-based technology consulting firm will remain within the city it has called home since its founding more than a decade ago. Scheduled for January 2017, Red Level will close the doors for the last time at its current location on Catherine Industrial Drive and begin a new chapter within a new company-owned building – an 18,000 square foot facility on Grand River Avenue. Located at 40200 Grand River, the high-tech single story building provides Red Level with increased space for continued growth as well as easy access to area freeways. Following renovation, the new space will boast a contemporary open floor plan, cutting edge [...]

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Clean Out “Dead Tech” – For Safety’s Sake

In the world of IT, there's never a shortage of things vying for your attentions - and never a shortage of "must-do" tasks to be preformed.  Some of these are time - and energy-intensive, and despite their "must-do status, they still wind up being nudged aside.  Cleaning out or replacing old technology tends to be one of these.  Don't let it be. More and more, companies are waking up to the fact that outdated hardware and software aren't just inconveniences or sources of inefficiency - they are a security threat.  There are still many companies out there running Windows XP and other unsupported operating systems and since Microsoft no longer produces security patches for critical vulnerabilities in the operating system, [...]

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