MAINTAINING IT VS. INVESTING IN IT: Save now, spend later?

It can be a big decision: Swallow hard and write a sizeable check to upgrade your IT infrastructure, or “make do” for a little while longer? Maintain IT Change is hard, as well as expensive. Surprises – sometimes costly ones – are the name of the game when you open up the Pandora’s box of IT upgrades. That hot new technology you’re about to pour thousands of dollars into might be buggy, defective, incompatible with applications and devices, or pose a security threat. Adding top-quality IT personnel is pricy, difficult, and time-consuming once you vet applications, run interviews, and deal with the HR hassles. If the technology you’ve got has managed to get you by so far, why not push [...]

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For your company, what’s the best way to keep conversations going: Traditional phone systems or modern “soft” phone technology? Two competing platforms and strategies are ready to fight it out. “HARD” Phones Traditional “hard” phone systems, either analog or dedicated digital, have managed to keep businesses communicating – for the most part – for more than a century. “Hard” phones are simpler technologies from simpler times: They don’t require computers, individual phones are always on and registered, and they usually run on their own dedicated network – so they’re not competing with (or interfering with) non-voice business data. They’re the phones you grew up with, that you already know and love, so there are no steep learning curves getting in [...]

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Information is the Oil of the 21st Century – Learn How to Manage It

Join Red Level and Dell at the Michigan Beer Company in Novi on May 12 IT has become one of the primary drivers of business growth due to the influx and importance of data. The question is, what do you do with all that data? How do you manage it? Who and how do you allow access to it? How do you keep up with it? This session is targeted to those charged with managing data – CIOs, CTO, IT Directors, Data Managers and Business Owners that want to learn a better way to store, manage and access the data that drives your business forward. The session is offered at the Michigan Beer Company in Novi on May 12, 2016 [...]

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Ransomware Attack! Crypto Virus Update

The United States Department of Homeland Security recently issued an updated alert regarding two variations of Ransomware - Locky and Samas. Both of these variations take control of your files and or systems and effectively hold them hostage for a ransom, which is why they are considered Ransomware. Check out the video to learn more about Ransomware, how to prevent it and what you can do if you are infected: This digital extortion can wreak havoc on your systems and productivity but it can be prevented. Below are a few tips from the pros at Red Level: Don't open emails from people or companies that you don't know. Don't click on any links or open any attachments with suspicious names. Do [...]

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Windows 10 – Up Close and Personal

Operating system upgrades are scary things. After all, every time you update, you’re guaranteed of having to change the way you do things at the very least  - and in a worst case, you may find some new bug or limitation keeps you from doing what you want at all. If you’ve held up on updating to Windows 10 up until now, your reasoning is understandable, but it’s probably about time to give it some serious thought. I’d like to share my personal Windows 10 experience. It's been almost a year since I began using Windows 10 on my first device. I was skeptical at first. I had used Windows 7 for years without any real issues. I had tried [...]

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Head “Down The Vent” – and Play Games for a Great Cause

Red Level employee Matthew Hagon and his friends Joe Perri and Josh Bohnard like to play board games- a lot.  Two and a half years ago, they began channeling their passion towards a great cause: Helping sick children. The three founded an organization called "Down The Vent" and began hosting semi-annual all-day table game events to benefit the Children's Miracle Network, a nonprofit organization which supports children's hospitals nationwide.  For a few dollars, participants of all ages are invited to try their hand at any of the 200 table games in an all-day gaming marathon, with all profits going to Children's Miracle Network. Typically, over 100 people come together in a local high school library to try new games, support the [...]

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IT Capital Expenditure vs. IT Operating Expenditure: Which makes sense for your business?

Well, what should it be – buy or lease your IT infrastructure? Two titanic strategies are fighting it out for supremacy, and there can be only one winner. CAPx This is the way it’s always been done, and the concept is straightforward enough: you pay up front to purchase all the hardware, software, and peripherals that you’re going to need, planning for a specific lifecycle. You handle installation, configuration, and day-to-day management. Outside of limited (usually very limited) warranties, you take responsibility for whatever breaks, and you have to fix it. You pay more up front, but you maintain absolute ownership and control, in the most immediate hands-on sense, of all aspects of your IT infrastructure. The gear you buy shows up [...]

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Merry Christmas from Red Level

Red Level’s offices will be closed on Christmas Day (12/25), but you are never alone. For emergency technical support please call 248.412.8210. We wish you a very happy holiday season filled with family, friends and tasty treats! We have so much to celebrate - especially a great team and great clients like you. Thank you, The Red Level Support Team 248.412.8210 support@redlevelnetworks.com

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What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

Sugar Cookies? Chocolate Santa Bars? Hungarian Honey Nut Kiffles? We popped in on a few of the talented technologists, consultants and innovators at Red Level to ask them to share their favorite sugary holiday snacks. Whatever your favorite may be Red Level has the recipe for success. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy our favorite cookies! What is your favorite cookie recipe?

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What’s your favorite Christmas carol?

As Buddy the Elf says "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." We popped in on a few of the talented technologists, consultants and innovators at Red Level to ask them to sing a few bars of their favorite Christmas songs. While the producers from The Voice won't be calling anytime soon, the team fields a lot of calls from smart CIOs and IT Directors. Sing along with us to some of the classic Christmas tunes. What is your favorite Christmas carol?

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