What if you were Santa’s CTO?

The talented technologists, consultants and innovators at Red Level are busy working year round to provide you with the best technology for your business needs. We can’t wait to see what is in store for 2016. This year we asked a few of our helpers - what technology they would recommend if they were Santa's CTO – the answers were funny and enlightening. What technologies are you looking to implement in 2016?

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What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

We popped in on a few of the talented technologists, consultants and innovators at Red Level to ask them their favorite Christmas movie and share a funny line or two. They had us laughing. Hope you'll like it too. Pour yourself a bowl of candy, candy cane, candy corn and syrup and enjoy! Please share your favorite Christmas movie in the comments. Bonus points posting your take on the funniest lines.

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Five Key Considerations for Choosing a Disaster Recovery Solution

Not all DR/DRASS solutions are created equal-and some details make all the difference.  The idea behind disaster recovery seems simple enough- to enable your business to be up and running as quickly as possible following a catastrophic event.  As with most simple concepts, though, the devil is the details: What constitutes a disaster? What needs to be recovered? How quickly does it have to happen? Not surprisingly, the simple answers to these questions - "Anything bad, " "Everything, " and "immediately" - aren't usually the right ones.  In fact, there aren't any universal right or wrong answers.  The "right" answer for one business could be disastrously wrong for another. At Red Level, we've seen firsthand how too many businesses settle [...]

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FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE – Three Business Communications Issues And How IT Can Solve Them

“What we have here is a failure to communicate,” Strother Martin said in Cool Hand Luke back in 1968. And there’s a reason that line remains memorable four and a half decades later: Business communication problems are a big source of inefficiency and frustration, and when technology is involved, they seem to multiply the frustration – not to mention the impact. When it comes down to it, business technology is really all about communication. When that technology is inefficient, bogged down, poorly configured, dysfunctional, or just plain slow, you can wind up with “failure to communicate” on a grand scale. In Cool Hand Luke, they tended to solve communications issues by hitting people and smashing things. Fortunately, there are better methods available. All of them start [...]

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It Pays to Plan for Disaster – Just Ask Bower Management Services

Think for a second about how much responsibility – and potential liability – is involved for a company that handles payroll for 1500 employees weekly. Then consider that some of these employees serve multiple clients and draw multiple checks. Oh, and they’re home health care workers, providing vital services to highly vulnerable clients. It is also your job to maintain their schedules, ensuring that every client receives necessary services at exactly the right time. Now consider what happens when you lose your power—not just for a few minutes or a few hours, but for days at a time. You can guess the likely result: Every computer, server, network device – even the phone system – stops cold. No computers, no [...]

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TEDxDetroit: One room, 2500 people – and a million great ideas.

How many big ideas, inspiring stories, and cool performances can fit under one roof? I’d have a hard time coming up with a solid answer, but if yesterday’s TEDx at the Fox Theater is anything to go by, the answer is “a lot.” This year, Red Level joined a cross-section of forward-looking area companies—manufacturers, technology firms, venture capitalists, marketing agencies and more - in sponsoring this annual gathering of bright minds and great talents. Amazing new automotive concepts like Elio Motors and musicians and poets like Ahya Simone and Darius Simpson really wowed our audience this year. I’ve been involved with TEDxDetroit for six years, helping to organize each annual event - and, not incidentally, trying to make sure that as many people as possible in [...]

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Dell ” Rugged Extreme” Laptop Takes “Work Anywhere” Literally

By now we’re all pretty well acquainted with the idea of “work anywhere.” In practice, though, “anywhere” does have its limits—but with it’s Rugged Extreme laptop series, Dell is looking to push back at them.   Unless you’ve spent some recent time in the military, on a construction site or working as a police officer, you probably haven’t seen laptops like these. The Rugged Extreme boxes are sold as being waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, resistant to extremes of temperature—in short, pretty well impervious to any of the daily hazards that stand to reduce ordinary laptops to expensive paperweights.   These aren’t designed for whipping through spreadsheets down at the neighborhood Starbuck’s. They’re designed to be taken just about anywhere that work [...]

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Three Keys To Boosting Your IT Budget

We know the deal: It can be the best of times for your company, but you’re still hearing from upstairs that there is simply “no budget” for the IT projects, personnel, or services you need. Your increasingly urgent requests escalate from simple requests to SOS signals, and you still hear the same thing: “No budget. Maybe next quarter.” Or next year. Or, you think to yourself, next century. Meanwhile, your IT infrastructure and applications aren’t getting any newer, the help desk requests aren’t slowing down, and the list of sidelined projects isn’t getting any shorter. Or maybe you often find yourself passing a tin cup around “begging” for budget from department managers to fund IT projects. How long will it [...]

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