Transition from Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint): A Comprehensive Guide

Significant changes are on the horizon for users of Microsoft Stream, the video management solution within the suite. Effective April 15, 2024, Microsoft will retire Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint). This transition is not just a mere update but a transformative shift towards a more efficient way of managing and sharing videos within Microsoft 365

Why the Shift?

Stream (on SharePoint) is designed to enhance collaboration and accessibility, allowing users to manage videos as easily as they would any other file across Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. The integration is a step forward in making video content more accessible and manageable within organizations, creating a central hub for uploading, sharing, discovering, and interacting.

Preparing for the Transition

To ensure a smooth transition, organizations must take a proactive step to prepare for the retirement of Stream (Classic). Here’s a comprehensive guide on what needs to be done:

  • Audit Your Video Collection: Begin by logging into the Stream (Classic) Portal with your Microsoft account credentials. Navigate to “My Content” to review your video inventory, including uploads and recordings from Teams meetings prior to January 2021
  • Publish Unpublished Videos: Identify any videos in draft form that you wish to keep and publish them. This ensures that all your content you intend to migrate is visible and accessible.
  • Evaluate Video Relevance: It’s a good opportunity to declutter your video collection by deleting outdated or irrelevant content that no longer serves your or your organization’s needs.
  • Sort Meeting Recordings: Pay special attention to recordings from Teams meetings saved in Stream (Classic) before January 2021. Determine their relevance and proceed to delete any that are unnecessary.

Migrating Your Videos

Microsoft has developed a migration tool to facilitate this transition as part of its Migration Manager platform. This tool will streamline the process of moving videos from Stream (Classic) directly into SharePoint and OneDrive, leveraging the benefits of Stream (on SharePoint). For more instructions on utilizing this tool, refer to this Step by Step Guide.

For additional information, resources, and guidance, be sure to visit the Migration and Retirement Timeline page. This transition is a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of Microsoft 365.

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