6 Cybersecurity Habits You Need to Break Today

What you do on autopilot can hurt you – especially online. Here are the habits you should track from month to month until cybersecurity becomes automatic.

Is your computer locked? 

Bad Habit 1: Leaving your computer unlocked and unattended.

With the slip of a USB stick, bad actors can corrupt files or steal information. This applies at coffee shops and even the office. Anytime you leave it, lock it!

Avoid unknown USB charging ports, too. They’re easy for hackers to compromise and can physically damage your device.

Are you actually creating strong passwords?

Bad Habit 2: Using weak passwords

Short, common, old, default, and guessable passwords can have serious consequences.

Consider utilizing a password manager to help you create, change out, and remember your unique logins. And don’t forget to turn on multi-factor authentication (MFA) options!

Are your systems up-to-date?

Bad Habit 3: Letting security updates slide

Every device, app, and antivirus you use has to be using the most recent version to be effective. New security patches keep hackers from manipulating known vulnerabilities.

See an available update? Don’t wait! Download. Reboot. Repeat.

Are you keeping your personal and work life separate on your devices?

Bad Habit 4: Using company equipment for personal use

More than half of us are guilty of it – especially if you WFH. A personal text or email may not seem like a big deal, but the consequences are real. Risks are even higher when online shopping or downloading non-company software.

If you do nothing else, delete personal data from your work machine and stop storing sensitive company info on your personal devices.

Are you staying vigilant about emails?

Bad Habit 5: getting too comfortable in your inbox

At least 90% of company-side cyber-attacks come from a malicious email.

Don’t let your guard slip. Take a moment to examine the “from” address in every email that hits your inbox, along with checking for suspicious links. (Yes, even if you know the sender!)

Have you researched cybersecurity lately?

Bad Habit 6: Letting your cybersecurity knowledge stagnate

Cybersecurity best practices change daily. Don’t assume you know everything. Keep yourself educated.


Don’t endanger your devices. Better cyber safe than sorry!

Contact Red Level to audit your existing network and prevent future attacks.

For more information about gaining a competitive advantage with digital transformation, contact Red Level today.

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