Cloud Solutions: What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Solutions: What is Cloud Computing?

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What is Cloud Computing?

Why are so many small and medium-sized businesses moving over to cloud computing?  Cloud computing allows your business to stay flexible in today’s ever-changing market, reduces IT management and lowers costs.

Simplify Your IT

Cloud computing allows businesses to buy the services they need as they need them, which lowers operating costs while providing them with the flexibility for scaling their operations as business demands increase. Eliminate software confusion by running programs in a virtual environment, which allows your staff to use the same interface on any computer anywhere in the world.

Communicate and Collaborate

Using online services will give your company the tools it needs to increase collaboration between you, your employees and third party service providers. Collaboration results in faster turnaround times and higher quality work. When your exceptional work is paired with your company’s ability to reach its target audience via social networks, the possibilities for your success increase greatly.

Microsoft Cloud services provide web-enabled tools that allow you to access email, documents, contacts, and calendars from virtually anywhere, on almost any device. Your co-workers and clients can attend meetings online and communicate via built-in video chat and instant messaging – no matter where they are.


With over 15 years of providing online security, Microsoft continues to create innovative ways to constantly be one step ahead of security threats. Privacy and transparency are core values at Microsoft. Microsoft’s Office 365 is fully transparent, and allows you to both see and decide where your data are stored and remain compliant when storing it in the cloud. Because of this Office 365 is the first business productivity public cloud service to have gained ISO 27001 certification

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