Reduce Noise Level and Manage Membership in Microsoft Teams

If you have a large family as I do, you know that sometimes the holiday party gets really noisy because there are just a lot of people. Same goes for Microsoft Teams within, especially in a large organization.

Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can focus on in Microsoft Teams to effectively manage the membership and reduce the noise level.

Let’s begin with reducing the chatty noise.

There are two settings that you can add into your large scoped teams:

  1. General channels – Change the post permission setting to allow just the owner to post, or, create an alert so posting will notify everyone (which is recommended for large teams).
  2. @ Mentions – Configure what type of mentions are allowed or enabled within the team.
    • Mention @ a person: Mention someone by name
    • Mention @ an app: Do an app mention for a channel, then everybody within that channel will be notified
    • Mention @ a team: Mention the team name and everyone in that team gets notified

You can configure these setting directly within the specific team’s setting under the membership permission and the @ mention setting. These two options can help you manage the noise factor of large-scale teams.

Now let’s talk about membership.

Traditionally, there are two options in the team privacy settings: private and public which you can configure under privacy setting in Teams. Private teams only allow team owners to add members while public teams allow anyone to join.

So what if you work in a larger organization and there are frequent personnel change; new employees coming in and people retiring? The process of adding members manually to teams can be very redundant and time-consuming, right?

In this scenario, setting up an “org-wide” team is your solution. This means anybody that is in your organization is automatically added to the company team. You don’t have to manage the membership at all.

However,  the option of an “org-wide” team just rolled out and is not yet available to all tenants.  The configuration option is only available for certain users; global admins and organizations under 2,500 users.

There you have it. I hope you will find these governance tips and solutions help to reduce noise levels and manage team membership within large organizations.

Join me for a quick demo for a hands-on setting and configuration.

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