Save Money and Time in Your Journey To The Cloud

One of the best things about technological advances is that with every step forward, the price of technology typically comes down. Microsoft is doing its part to help for businesses looking to modernize with a move to the cloud.

In recent times, Microsoft has introduced several innovative programs that help companies save substantially, and it is making a big difference for many of the businesses we work with. A good example are Microsoft’s reserved instance machine sets; companies making a one- or three-year commitment to running these machines along with azure can save 33% or 60% – and by applying old licenses through a hybrid use benefit, it can be possible to save ten percent more. That makes a pretty substantial savings for cost-conscious companies.

Cloud services in general, and the Azure platform in particular, have already shown themselves to be powerful means of increasing efficiency, capabilities and performance. Typically, companies that make the jump from antiquated in-house systems quickly see substantial benefits in terms of both improved business performance and a better bottom line. When programs like Microsoft make the switch such a low-cost, low-hassle proposition, it becomes increasingly difficult – not to mention disadvantageous – to refrain from making the switch.

Microsoft is doing even more to help companies manage, monitor, and contain their IT costs, which I explain in this video. Take a couple minutes to take a look – I think you’ll like what you hear, and of course we’ll be happy to help with any questions you may have. And you can bet that Red Level has more than a few ideas to help you save money and gain the greatest benefit from Azure and other cloud services too.

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