Hat Trick for Red Level

It’s official: Red Level is decidedly cool! Red Level has been named one of Michigan’s Cool Places to Work by Crain’s Detroit Business for the third year in a row.

We put our people and culture at the forefront of our efforts. Our goal is to have our employees invested in our work while working together to proudly represent Red Level’s values. We continually implement new ideas to help cultivate an innovative environment while maintaining our values as we grow, and we make sure we always put our employees first.

There are many reasons why Red Level is a “Cool Place” to work. Earlier this year, we were awarded the Michigan Skill Trade Fund which allows us to provide our employees with the training necessary to advance their careers. Employees in every department were able to participate in training and development opportunities. We allow flexible schedules and work from home days for our employees to have more control over their work environment. This enables our staff to fulfill family needs, personal obligations, and life responsibilities. We also have a business casual dress code so our staff can express their personal style and feel comfortable while they are here.

Being an IT company, we pride ourselves staying on the cutting edge when it comes to the coolest technologies out there. The tech we work with daily is changing the way business is done, the way people work, and how the economy grows. Some of our other characteristics are pretty cool as well. For instance, we aren’t looking to “right-size,” “streamline,” “outsource,” or “offshore” our workforce, we are a Michigan company employing Michigan people, and we’re in it for the long haul. We hire smart, capable people who love their work, have a passion for helping and developing new ideas, and provide strong support for each other.

Crain’s asked our employees, “What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would like to work?

  • “Care about their employees and treats them well. Tries to implement additional incentive plans to share in the success of the company.”
  • “Cares about their employees. Feels like family.”
  • “Great people to work with.”
  • “We have fun together and we work hard together. It’s a great balance of both”
  • “They care. They have an awesome kitchen with free food and various soft drinks. Gatherings and cookouts – they like everyone to feel welcome.

We may not have all the hallmarks of what others consider to be cool, but It doesn’t take long after working at Red Level to get a sense of the type of place Red Level is. We are a company of friends: People who collaborate, work hard, pitch in to help colleagues when needed. We are a solid group of people who love what we do, and who have a good time doing it.


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