Cool Once, Cool Always? We Hope So.

It was right about this time last year that I mentioned in this space that Crain’s Detroit Business had named Red Level to their “Cool Places To Work In Michigan” list, and we are honored to be chosen again. For the second year in a row, Red Level has been honored with the “Cool Places” designation. It’s an award that means a lot to us – which would not be possible without our amazing and dedicated staff.

As you’ve probably noticed, Metropolitan Detroit and Southeast Michigan have become much cooler places to do business in recent times. In contending for “Cool Places” honors, it’s become a lot harder to stand out in the crowd, but that’s something we at Red Level love to do. We were up against bike rental startups, maker spaces, venture-funded entrepreneurs and a host of other “cool” businesses that have chosen to make our area their home over the last few years, and we’d like to extend our hand in congratulations to them as well for becoming successes.

Remembering back, I think we’re probably even cooler than we were last year, implementing things such as new bonus incentives, company-wide cookouts, tournaments of bocce ball, fowling, cornhole, fantasy football, ice cream socials, chair massages, and many more.

Being an IT company, we pride ourselves on staying pretty near the cutting edge when it comes to the coolest technologies out there. The tech we deal with on a daily basis is what’s changing the way business is done, the way people work, and how the economy grows. That said, some of our other, lesser-known characteristics are pretty cool as well. For instance, we aren’t looking to “right-size,” “streamline,” “outsource,” or “offshore” our workforce. We are a Michigan company employing Michigan people, and we’re doing it for the long term. Red Level jobs are Michigan jobs: We hire smart, capable people who do their jobs well, who assist other area companies in optimizing their business performance, who have a passion for helping and developing new ideas, and together we provide strong support forthe growing tech economy and tech culture in our area.

Cooler still: As a business strategy, it’s working well for us. We’ve gotten this far through careful planning, reinvestment in the business, and managed growth aligned with the needs of the market we serve. That’s made for a sound, stable enterprise – and a partner that other companies can count on to help them build their performance and potential.

But here’s the aspect of Red Level we value the most: our team members. Everyone here seems to agree, that this is a really great place to work. The “Cool Places” award is bestowed, in part, based upon the direct feedback the judges receive from a company’s employees. Our team thought highly enough of the company to say some pretty nice things.

We try to make sure that this is a company that respects talent, rewards initiative, and provides opportunities for growth. We also work to maintain a genuinely fair, supportive working environment that lets people realize their full potential. These are factors that some companies dispense within an era of high pressure, rapid turnover, and diminishing mutual loyalty. To us, they’re a big part of who we are and what we stand for.

Yes, we do have an annual triathlon of backyard games, flex-time, leadership coaches, and PTO for community service – not to mention the occasional office prank. Cool? We hope so. Fun? Definitely. But it’s just as cool to be a company that our people and our clients can both count on to make great things happen. As I said last year, “we’re a company of friends: People who cooperate, who work hard, who collaborate, who pitch in to lend a helping hand to colleagues when needed. People who share information and ideas freely and openly, and who have no problem being their authentic selves.” I’m proud of Red Level and all we’ve accomplished – now on to planning for 2019.

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