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Microsoft Teams Quick Start

Microsoft Teams, a hub for teamwork within Office 365.

Teams is built to respond to the evolution of collaboration in the modern workplace. It solves for the collaboration and communication needs of a diverse and disperse workforce. The seamless integration of other apps and services in the Office 365 environment fundamentally transforms how your organization works together.

Microsoft Teams Quick Start

The Microsoft Teams Quick Start enables organizations to build a culture of collaboration that empowers the employees. A Red Level Collaboration expert will provide guidance and insights you can use to help your employees drive adoption and make the best use of Microsoft Teams.

The engagement consists of:

Learn the capabilities, features, configuration, and use cases that you can leverage in Microsoft Teams to facilitate collaboration

Setup and configure the environment to create a proof of concept Microsoft Team

Plan the next steps, materials, and resources to implement Microsoft Teams and help users get up to speed quickly

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I’m ready for the Microsoft Teams Quick Start, but…

What will we gain?

» Hands-on training of the end-user features of Teams
» Walkthrough of the administration settings and configurations
» Set up a proof of concept team for a trail-basis *Voice and Conference settings restricted

How will it work?

1. Half-Day Workshop 1: Understand the features, functions, use cases and administration of Microsoft Teams
2. Half-Day Workshop 2: Design and create a proof of concept Teams site; channel, tabs, and integrated apps
3. Half-Day Workshop 3: Plan next steps, materials and resources to implement and help users adopt and get up to speed quickly with Teams

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