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Microsoft 365 Governance Quick Start

You made the smart decision to move to Microsoft 365

How do you ensure your organization uses all of the tools to their fullest capabilities? Don’t worry! Learning new technology can be pretty tough. Understanding and using it to fundamentally change the way your organization works? That’s a real challenge. The good news is you’re in a great position to take advantage of your existing investments.

Microsoft 365 Governance Quick Start

The Microsoft 365 Governance Quick Start offers a framework for incremental and consistent advancement aligned with your business priorities. This workshop is designed specifically for organizations seeking to gain a better understanding of their Microsoft 365 tools like SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, and OneDrive and make informed decisions on how to best roll out a governance plan that promotes user adoption and aligns with your business priorities

The engagement consists of the following three pillars:

Understand the breadth of your current Microsoft 365 investments and what tools you have at your disposal

Dive into what governance of your Microsoft 365 environment could look like and get introduced to the questions that need to be answered to build a governance strategy that will meet your organization’s business goals

During the governance sessions, we’ll meet with you to finalize your personalized governance plan and roadmap report to help ensure ROI from your Microsoft 36 investment.

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I’m ready for the Microsoft 365 Governance Quick Start, but…

What will we gain?

» An understanding of how your organization works today and how that can be applied to Microsoft 365 tools
» An understanding of all of the tools included in your Microsoft 365 subscription
» How your organization can best utilize each of the tools in your Microsoft 365 subscription
» Identification of opportunities that increase user adoption of your existing Microsoft 365 investments
» Identification of potential gaps between your business priorities and your governance strategy
» Establish a governance strategy for your organization

How will it work?

Choose the option that works best for you and your team.

1. Option A: Four 3-hour workshops, plus one 1-hour post-workshop to follow up summary meeting
2. Option B: Three 4-hour workshops, plus one 1-hour post-workshop follow up summary meeting
3. Organizational Governance Plan that includes 83 governance decisions
4. Summary presentation of results and next steps

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