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Red Level Selected as Member of Microsoft Power BI Red Carpet Partner Program

Microsoft has announced the selection of Red Level as an early member of its invitation-only Power BI Red Carpet Partner Program. As a result, the Novi-based technology consulting firm will be able to provide Power BI and associated services on advantageous terms to its small and medium-sized businesses as well as its enterprise clients.

Microsoft Power BI, or “business intelligence,” is a sophisticated new cloud-based tool that transforms a company’s data into rich visuals for its employees to collect and organize so they can focus on what matters to them: staying in the know, spotting trends as they happen, and pushing their business further.

Through Power BI, Microsoft anticipates that businesses can make usable, actionable data available throughout an organization, enable opportunities for new services, and gain vital insights from fragmented and under-analyzed data. The company pegs the value to businesses of Power BI adoption at $1.6 trillion over the next four year.

“This is the age of data-driven business,” says David King, Red Level’s CEO. “More and more, companies depend upon access to a deep well of business information, and they need powerful tools in order to effectively use it. Power BI is just that sort of system, and as a Power BI partner, Red Level is able to help our clients make the most of its capabilities.

“At Red Level, we’ve been anticipating the explosive growth of this kind of ‘big data’ solution for some time now. We feel that Power BI is the tool that will really put that information to work in new, exciting ways – and with a big impact on companies’ bottom lines.”

Red Level was chosen for early-stage membership in the Power BI Partner Program from among a highly competitive field of fellow Microsoft partners. The company believes that its selection is a direct result of its corporate strength, rapid year-on-year growth, depth of institutional knowledge, and established success in implementing complex Microsoft solutions.

“Over time, we have succeeded in earning the same high level of trust from Microsoft as we have with our clients,” says David King, Red Level’s CEO. “We have a long track record of creating highly successful solutions for companies using Microsoft’s newest and most advanced tools. As a Power BI partner, we’re looking forward to repeating that achievement, and to helping establish the model for Power BI success that others will replicate in years to come.”

“We’re going to make it especially easy and effective for companies to put Power BI to work,” Cummings says. “Our membership in the Power BI Red Carpet program gives our clients a big advantage in making it happen, affordably and effectively.”

For more information about gaining a competitive advantage with digital transformation, contact Red Level today.

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