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Microsoft SharePoint Intelligent Intranet by Red Level

Your intranet is the front door to your digital workplace. Create one your employees want to open with SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint reinvents the intranet with modern solutions for automation, collaboration, communication, engagement, and knowledge management. Today it’s simple for any organization to have beautiful, fast intranet sites and pages that also look great on any device or screen.

Ready-to-go intranet with Red Level and Microsoft SharePoint

Enhance and discover the seamless integration and efficiency of using Microsoft SharePoint for more effective collaboration and information management.

Streamlined Workflow with Automation

Say goodbye to manual tasks eating up your time and energy! With SharePoint’s Intelligent Intranet, you can automate repetitive processes using Power Automate. Whether it’s routing approvals, sending notifications, or updating records, automation frees you to focus on the tasks that truly matter.

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Sharepoint Effortless Collaboration

Effortless Collaboration

Collaborating with your team has never been easier. With integration with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint’s Intelligent Intranet brings your team together in one central hub. Chat, video call, and co-author documents in real-time, all while staying within the familiar SharePoint environment.

Seamless Communication

Keep everyone in the loop with effortless communication tools. Share updates, announcements, and important information through personalized newsfeeds. And with Microsoft Stream integration, you can even spice things up with engaging video content that grabs attention and gets your message across effectively.

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Engaging End User Experience

Keep your team engaged and motivated with interactive features designed to make work feel more like play. With Viva Engage integration, you can create polls, quizzes, and other interactive content that sparks excitement and encourages participation. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to a more vibrant workplace culture!

Efficient Knowledge Management

Stop searching high and low for that elusive piece of information! SharePoint’s Intelligent Intranet puts knowledge at your fingertips with robust knowledge management capabilities. Easily organize, search, and access documents, expertise, and insights whenever you need them.

Level Up Your Corporate Intranet with Red Level and Microsoft SharePoint

When it comes to custom intranets, Michigan businesses trust Red Level for speed, reliability, and security. Welcome to the exciting world of modern workplace collaboration – let’s make magic happen together! Speak with a Microsoft SharePoint Intelligent Intranet expert at Red Level to find out how you can level up!