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For your company, what’s the best way to keep conversations going: Traditional phone systems or modern “soft” phone technology? Two competing platforms and strategies are ready to fight it out.

“HARD” Phones

Traditional “hard” phone systems, either analog or dedicated digital, have managed to keep businesses communicating – for the most part – for more than a century. “Hard” phones are simpler technologies from simpler times: They don’t require computers, individual phones are always on and registered, and they usually run on their own dedicated network – so they’re not competing with (or interfering with) non-voice business data. They’re the phones you grew up with, that you already know and love, so there are no steep learning curves getting in the way of adoption and usage – and the calls are generally clearer, too. They’re a little limited, maybe, when it comes to features – but if you just want to stay in your comfort zone and play it safe, they’ll be right there with you.

“SOFT” Phones

Business has changed a lot in the last century. Shouldn’t phones change, too? “Soft” phones open up new possibilities for companies on the move, and maybe stepping out of the phone comfort zone is what it takes to get ahead. “Soft” phones can leverage your existing network, and open up new possibilities in hardware independence – you can make calls from several different devices, including cell phones, using the same number. You can snag special caller metadata beyond simple caller ID information, opening up new marketing possibilities. The downside, you’ll have to set up some special hardware and configurations, and call quality can sometimes be an issue – but overall, they do more and cost less, and that’s important to any business.

So, which is the best choice for your company? Red Level’s voice communication pros can answer any questions – and keep your voice communications coming through loud and clear.

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