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Dell ” Rugged Extreme” Laptop Takes “Work Anywhere” Literally

By now we’re all pretty well acquainted with the idea of “work anywhere.” In practice, though, “anywhere” does have its limits—but with it’s Rugged Extreme laptop series, Dell is looking to push back at them.


Unless you’ve spent some recent time in the military, on a construction site or working as a police officer, you probably haven’t seen laptops like these. The Rugged Extreme boxes are sold as being waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, resistant to extremes of temperature—in short, pretty well impervious to any of the daily hazards that stand to reduce ordinary laptops to expensive paperweights.


These aren’t designed for whipping through spreadsheets down at the neighborhood Starbuck’s. They’re designed to be taken just about anywhere that work needs to get done, and to perform perfectly even in some pretty brutal conditions. The Rugged Extreme laptops are built and tested to military specifications, and have been shown to work just fine even when subject to six foot drops, steady vibration, driving rain, and temperature extremes from twenty below on up to a sizzling 145 degrees.


If you’re comfortable with the idea of perpetually coddling your laptop, that probably doesn’t mean so much to you. But if you ever venture onto construction sites, factory floors, oil refineries or gas fields, or if you spend much time in damp or watery environments, that kind of resilience makes a big difference.


Think of how immediate access to applications, reporting, and communications tools could make a difference in the way work is done in fields like agriculture, forestry, long-haul trucking, utility services, emergency response services, or shipping and logistics. Or think about the difference giving your field personnel full access to home or in-office computing capability might make in terms of speed, productivity, and response times.


Since we’re a leading authorized Dell Reseller, we’ve had a chance to put these machines through their paces, and we’re pretty impressed with what we’ve seen – and their potential to make a big difference to some of our clients. If you’d like to check out Dell’s durable new line for yourself, we’d like to give you that opportunity. We’ve got a limited number of demo machines available for customers to evaluate during seven-day trials. Interested? Just give us a shout and we’ll see what we can work out.

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