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Office 365 Power Up Quick Start

You made the smart decision to move to Office 365.
Are you using all it has to offer?

For most organizations, the answer is “no”. Most are only using email online. But there is so much more to Office 365.

Don’t worry! Learning new technology can be pretty tough. Understanding and using it to fundamentally change the way your organization works? That’s a real challenge. The good news is you’re in a great position to take advantage of your existing investments.

Office 365 Power Up Quick Start

The Office 365 Power Up Quick Start is a half-day workshop designed specifically for organizations that don’t yet have a great understanding of what’s possible with Office 365 and have relatively low user

The engagement consists of the following three pillars:

Identify your business priorities and current Office 365 user adoption

See what is possible with your existing Office 365 environment and explore what could be possible by expanding your investment to Microsoft 365

Following the workshop, we’ll meet with you to review your personalized findings and roadmap report to help you accelerate your organization’s user adoption and increase your ROI from your Office 365 investment

Office 365 Power Up Quick Start

I’m ready to Power Up, but…

What will we gain?

» An understanding of your organization’s business priorities as they relate to collaboration and communication
» An overview of your organization’s active Office 365 subscriptions and capabilities
» Insights on your adoption/usage trends (based on Microsoft data from the last 30 days)
» Identification of opportunities that increase user adoption of your existing Office 365 investments
» Identification of potential gaps between your business priorities and your active Office 365 subscriptions
» Guided review of your personalized findings and roadmap report

How will it work?

1. Planning Meeting with Pre-Workshop Questionnaire
2. In-Person Half-Day Envisioning Workshop
3. Guided Review Meeting with Personalzied Findings & Roadmap Report

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