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Microsoft Power BI Quick Start

How do you capitalize on the data you have unlocked?

You have taken the first step in empowering your organization through data by investing in Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI enables you to build a culture of data, an environment where every team and individual can do great things because the data is at their fingertips. You are in a great position to take advantage of the insights your data will bring.

Power BI Quick Start

The Power BI Quick Start offers a framework for your business intelligence. This series of three half-day workshops are designed to surface the full capabilities of Power BI while also engaging your data to pull together dashboards and reports that will empower your business users immediately.

The engagement consists of three sessions:

An introduction into Power BI Desktop connecting, transforming, modeling, and visualizing your data

Move from the desktop to Power BI Service workspaces, dashboards, and data set management

Once you have explored Power BI Desktop and Service, dive into the depths of the tool with report tooltips, drill-through pages, buttons and bookmarks, Q & A (Author and Consumer), parameters, and export to PDF

Microsoft Power BI Quick Start

I’m ready for the Power BI Quick Start, but…

What will we gain?

» An understanding of how Power BI can easily transform complex data into easily digestible formats for different audiences
» The ability to connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources
» An education on how to author reports and create operational dashboards
» Learn how to share your dashboards with others
» Learn how to create a wide variety of data visualizations
» An introduction to dynamic reports

How will it work?

1. In-Person Half-Day Power BI Desktop Workshop
2. In-Person Half-Day Power BI Service Workshop
3. In-Person Half-Day Power BI Deep Dive Workshop

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