Curia Announces Master Timeline To Exhibition Planning and Management System

Curia Announces Master Timeline To Exhibition Planning and Management System

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Curia has announced the addition of a “master timeline” feature to the exhibition planning and management system, marking a major enhancement to the system’s capabilities.

Designed for use by museums in planning, staging, and managing exhibits, Curia provides users with a centralized cloud-based tool enabling stakeholders at various levels of the museum hierarchy to collaborate effectively together within a single system. The tool effectively replaces the usual cumbersome array of tools and applications museums use for this purpose, streamlining workflows and establishing a single secure “source of truth” for tools, information, and materials related to exhibits.


Developed in cooperation with the Perez Art Museum Miami as a response to requests from about 40 clients and prospects, the master timeline function is a major enhancement to Curia’s capabilities. Curia’s goal has always been to make the creation, execution and follow up of an exhibition much more efficient, and we’ve been successful at that. The master timeline multiplies that effect by providing much better visibility and much more immediate access to the up-to-date information that curators, planners, directors, marketers and other stakeholders need.

You can immediately see the progress of various tasks, the resources being used, and resolve any emerging issues. It will be a big help to our clients.

The master timeline feature is already being used by the Perez Art Museum Miami, the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and other museums using the Curia system.

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Curia is the first collaborative exhibition planning app designed exclusively for the needs of the museum community. It was developed in concert with the team of curators, interpretive planners, and technologists at one of the nation’s leading art museums. Intuitively consolidate all of your ideas and documentation and task management in one place with Curia to preserve a digital history of your exhibition. Curia makes it easy by seamlessly integrating with your content management systems. You’ll spend less time hunting for the information you need and more time crafting amazing exhibitions. For more information, contact Jack LaPan:

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