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Building a Successful SharePoint ECM/ERM System in the Real World

If you listen to what is often said about SharePoint in enterprise records management (ERM), you might conclude that it is a mile wide and an inch deep.  In other words, the conventional wisdom seems to be that SharePoint has a broad set of capabilities in theory, but in practice lacks the depth of its competitors such as Documentum, OpenText, and Laserfiche.   But this comparison isn’t really fair, for three reasons:   SharePoint “out of the box” costs a fraction of what these other products do.  SharePoint’s competitors are often an amalgamation or “marketing bundle” of a variety of different products that have been purchased or licensed by the OEM, and often indifferently integrated with each other.  The implementation of “enterprise-class” ECM systems usually includes a consulting engagement, whereas SharePoint is often “thrown in” without the same level of forethought.   In reality, the reasons that ECM projects fail, whether on SharePoint or something else, ...


The Redmond Channel Partner Top 200: We’ll Feel At Home Here

Most of us are familiar with that special feeling that comes from time to time when you know you’re performing professionally at the top of your game. It’s beyond the sense of simply knowing you’re doing a good job – it’s the sense of hitting a home run, and being confident that you could immediately go out and do it again. That’s how I’m feeling about our Red Level team these days. Some recent news we received from Redmond Channel Partner, Microsoft’s knowledge-sharing site for Microsoft solution providers, is one of the main reasons why. We recently announced that Red Level had been named to Redmond Channel Partner’s “Top 200 Solution Providers” list, an annual index of the top 200 Microsoft solution providers in the USA. It probably sounds like “inside baseball” to anyone outside the IT field, but from our standpoint it’s pretty significant: The listing served as a ...


Microsoft Teams and Collaboration Tool Landscape

The Situation: Productivity continues to be on the radar of many companies. A copious amount of time is wasted searching for data, the increased volumes of email and the fact users are asked to collaborate with 2x more teams than they did 5 years ago all lend to lost productivity. This time lost hurts daily productivity. The ingredients that make up our business world are changing faster and faster. Will we find a tool that helps? The Solution: IT leadership is asked to provide a tool that can help facilitate collaboration in an engaging, socially interactive way. From: The Ultimate Guide to Chat-based Tools Evaluation of Existing Tools Microsoft has had a few products within the collaboration space. These and other third-party products have had various levels of success. Features fall into two major categories: Content: Management of content for reference, searching, and sharing. Communication: Connecting and communicating with ...