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Our Development Approach

Our Agile Development Approach

Red Level’s App Development process employs an Agile methodology that allows for development to occur in short cycles that incorporate often testing and client feedback. This provides an ideal structure that allows to efficiently build solutions and respond to changes quickly.


  • Identify design, user, and technology requirements
  • Create user stories to guide design and development


  • Determine goals and milestones in accordance with budget and deadlines
  • Create implementation plan and roadmap specifications that include requirements prioritization and business goals


  • Create design pattern library, branding guidelines, user and process flows, and visual assets
  • Design application mockups and prototypes for iterative validation and feedback
  • Iterative design and development process in accordance with user stories planned for each Sprint


  • Iterative review process with stakeholders in accordance with user stories planned and completed per Sprint
  • Upon stakeholder sign-off, the application is deployed from development to staging environment, and finally to a production environment.
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