Microsoft Teams vs Zoom, Which Should You Use?

When the FBI sends a warning to the public, it’s generally a good idea to heed it. The FBI recently issued a notice to the public citing security problems with the Zoom video-teleconferencing platform. The platform has been compromised in such a way, according to the FBI warning, that will make you reconsider the security of the system for things like remote learning of school-age children. That’s exactly what the New York City School district did. The district announced last week, due to security concerns, they will be transitioning to Microsoft Teams for their distance learning. Even SpaceX has forbidden its employees from using the tool.

While the Zoom platform has good intentions, it is short-sighted for us to think a company that experiences a 500% growth boom overnight is prepared for the security risks that come with it. Current times have demanded businesses adopt a remote collaboration solution while still working with sensitive data via teleconferencing, chat, file sharing, and email. We have heightened the risk of data being open to the public. How do we solve this? Enter Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has not only been in the collaboration business for years before most other platforms, but it has been in the security business far longer. Because Microsoft never settles, you can rest assured that with every layer of security, there is another layer behind it. Just take a look at their Security Framework for Teams. And in true Microsoft style, they work to continuously improve even the highest of security standards and performance they’ve set for themselves. Teams and Zoom both offer free subscriptions; however, with Teams, you still have the backing of Microsoft Security.

Teams is a collaboration hub inside of Office 365, expanding the scope of how we collaborate. Teams offers more than just video conferencing. It provides us with a unified space to chat, store documents, have video meetings, and integrate applications around a single project or Team. Teams integrates with Yammer, SharePoint, Outlook, OneNote, and more Office 365 applications.

If you are looking for a secure environment to collaborate with colleagues, give Teams a chance with complete confidence and peace of mind that your company data is safe.

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