Office 365 Governance Consulting

Chances are you have a full set of tools at home to help you with projects. User manuals and instructions let you know what tool to use to get your project done. Office 365 is like your workplace toolset. There is a tool for just about any work scenario, the question is which tool do you use for which situation?

Red Level helps organizations make the most out of their Office 365 investment with a full understanding of the purpose and objective of each application in the Office 365 suite helps you achieve. Red Level works with your organization to develop a governance framework that is aligned with your business priorities.

Office365 Governance Policy

Red Level takes a three-pronged approach to build governance roadmaps

Data Governance Policies
  • Understand – Understand the breadth of your current Office 365 investments and what tools you have at your disposal
  • Unpack – Dive into what governance of your Office 365 environment could look like through a series of detailed questions to build a governance strategy that will meet your organization’s needs.
  • Review – Customize a governance plan and roadmap for your organization to help ensure ROI from your Office 365 investment

Implementing a governance plan in your organization allows admins to manage the network more effectively while accelerating collaboration and communication among users with the correct tools for the job.

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