Azure Information Protection

How do you ensure your organization’s confidential documents are accessible by approved eyes only? Fear not. Azure Active Information Protection can be your trusted friend to ensure that the sensitive data is well protected when appropriate groups or policies are set up and implemented.

Specifically, Azure Information Protection, which is data loss prevention (DLP) for documents can be utilized to secure your confidential data. This blog provides a high-level overview of the DLP solution for Microsoft Azure. There are some different ways to start leveraging the platform and protecting your sensitive documents.

  1. Labels
    • Place appropriate labels on your documents – you can have these labels applied by the users as they’re editing documents
    • Using client application and plugins into the office applications to apply labels when editing documents
    • Customize your labels to control access to the documents by department or personnel.
    • Create visual marking on the documents, such as header, footer or watermark as an indicator to alert actions such as “do not print” to employees
    • Set permission to disable forwarding or exporting documents
    • Create document expiration dates to allow access within defined times or periods
    • Disable viewing documents offline so the document is only viewable when the user is online
  1. Policies-
    • You can create a global policy as a default setting as not all documents have labels
    • Customize and apply policies for certain labels or users to control access to your documents

Check out this 5-minute video below for a walk-through on how to set up labels and create policies

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