Here’s to Bright Ideas – And New Possibilities

As of today, Red Level is reaching an important milestone: We’re spending our last day in our old offices on Catherine Industrial Drive. Tomorrow, we begin a fresh, more expansive chapter in our story with our move to our new state-of-the-art offices in Novi. This new chapter takes us down the road to Grand River Ave. Our new offices are nearly triple the size of our former space, and boast not only a fresh new décor, but the latest game-changing technologies. I think we’re going to like it here.

This move is the result of a lot of planning, a lot of deliberation, and a lot of hard work on the part of our team – and it signals a significant achievement for our company. Our growth hasn’t just pushed us beyond the capacity of our former quarters; it has progressed to the point that we can nearly triple the size of our new home, and do it with confidence, knowing that we will grow into – and ultimately out of – this space as well.

There’s a reason for that growth and the success that it signifies, and it really isn’t so much about the technology. It’s about the people who have brought us to this point: our clients, employees and partners. Ultimately, it’s people rather than machines that have made the difference, propelling this company to where we are today.

Red Level was founded on the premise that we should serve as clients’ technology partner, rather than just as a vendor. To do our jobs right and serve our clients best, we had to be business-building technology specialists who actively collaborated in building their business through strategically-deployed specialized technological tools, and who uniformly succeeded in making their businesses more productive, secure, and competitive. It was a new and unfamiliar concept to many companies; those who understood and adopted our philosophy became not just our customers but our colleagues, and we owe a measure of this success to them.

Of course, we had to have the right people to make this approach work. Fortunately, we were able to build that team. Red Level people constitute one of the strongest, most knowledgeable, most committed technical teams to be found anywhere, in a company of any size. Apart from their technological knowledge, they also come equipped with the “soft” people skills that fuel productive collaboration and build long-term relationships. This success belongs to them too.

Naturally, being great technologists depends upon having great technologies to work with. We can say that we certainly do: We have built long-term partnerships with our industry’s leading companies, such as Dell, Microsoft, and VMWare, and have become their close ally in our market, representing them in Michigan and northern Ohio. They trust us as the experts in our market space, and have come to count on us to build their success the same way we count on them.

Red Level’s had our share of bright ideas throughout our years in our Catherine Industrial Drive offices, such as focusing relentlessly on employee and customer success, and choosing not just to follow new technologies but to continually position ourselves ahead of the curve in order to quickly bring the best of the new to our customers. They’ve made a significant difference—one we can measure by our growth, and by this move.

So here’s to our next bright idea: our move to a new high-tech space with room for our continued growth. It’s a move that enables us continue to build our business by building our clients’ businesses, and thanks to our clients, employees and partners, this bright idea is now a reality.

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