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The Top 5 Common Tech Issues & How to Solve Them!

Welcome to another "Troubleshoot Thursday," where we address some of the most pressing tech problems that businesses face today. As a leader in the tech consulting sphere, we've often been approached with a range of technical glitches, big and small. Today, we'll be sharing the top 5 tech issues our clients frequently encounter and, more importantly, how to solve them! 5. Slow Computer Performance Explanation: Nothing is more frustrating than a lagging computer, especially when you have a mountain of tasks to complete. The reasons for this lag could range from too many background apps running, malware infiltrating your system, or simply outdated hardware. Solution: Background Processes: Regularly open your task manager to see which applications are hogging your system’s resources and close unnecessary ones. System Scans: Schedule regular malware scans to ensure no malicious software is slowing down your computer. Hardware Upgrades: Sometimes, all your computer needs is a ...


What is IT Change Management?

What is IT Change Management? Definition: Change management is a process for controlling the lifecycle of changes while minimizing disruption to an organization’s employees and IT services. Things do fall apart. Printers jam, Wifi goes down, laptops die, and networks lag. That’s why we hire IT consultants. Repair and maintenance come with a cost, not the cost of hiring an IT vendor, but rather the cost of downtime, work disruption, and getting employee acceptance and buy-in. When not carefully planned out, repairs and even standard upgrades can often cost more in lost productivity than the cost of repairs. Change management focuses not only on maintenance and repair but on how a company and its employees are affected when changes take place. Change is hard on people, especially when it means learning a new process or when it affects someone’s job in unexpected ways. There are multiple methods on how ...


5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Surpass Your Competition

Looking for a leg up on your competitors? Making sure you have the right tech can set you on the fast track to success. Technology is no longer just for tech companies. Any organization can benefit from adopting technology to run operations – boosting productivity and skillfully leveraging data analytics. Here are 5 ways technology can help you gain a competitive advantage - Boost Productivity Investing in technology will provide your employees with the tools they need to complete their tasks swiftly and effectively. Use technology to improve internal communications and help employees stay organized as they manage multiple tasks at once. You can also use tech-based tools to keep projects in sync or track employee time to understand where to automate or speed up processes. You will pull ahead of the competition as your team produces higher-quality work in less time. Automate Processes Automating business processes will increase ...