Achieve More with the Office 365 Cloud Immersion Experience

We’ve all been there. We‘ve had technology dumped on ussometimes with no explanation. What we hear most often from our clients is that they have rolled out Office 365, but people are not adopting the technology. How do we solve that? People don’t embrace technology, but they embrace solutions. 

Office 365 Offers Many Powerful Tools 

In the Office 365 environmentwe see all these different opportunities to work with tools inside of the product. However, that can be overwhelmingand who has time to be overwhelmed in the workplace 

Empower & Inspire peopleby creating an immersive experience where they discover for themselveswhat’s possible in a Microsoft-powered organization.” 

Provide a Direction with an Office 365 Cloud Immersion Experience 

This Office 365 Cloud Immersion Experience is a chance for your users to become empowered. It’s a hands-on session to explore how to leverage the tools you already own to do more with less. We listen to what the needs of the business are. We walk through your business challenges onebyone that way, we can see a clearer vision of how you can develop better processes and utilize tools to become more efficient and have more productivity 

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

This session is customized to your specific business priorities; you’ll start the session in a roundtable, discussing your biggest challenges, and then join a live experience.  A Red Level Microsoft certified facilitator will guide you through a hands-on experience to see how the capabilities of Office 365 and Windows 10 can meet your needs in this collaborative, fun environment.  

Get Immediate Productive Gains

You may only be using a small portion of what Office 365 has to offer, such as just for email or creating documents. We teach you how you can collaborate and become a more productive and efficient teamThrough the immersion experience, you will learn how to:  

  • Find information quickly  
  • Easily share information
  • Reduce email  
  • Work with up to 10 others on the same file  
  • Improve business processes  
  • Manage projects and tasks  
  • Work anywhere on any device  
  • Gain business insights  
  • Maintain compliance  
  • Reduce phishing attacks  
  • Improve secure easy access  
  • Manage content effectively   
  • Present with confidence  
  • Run effective meetings 
  • Utilize a central location for all information related to projects, clients, and departments  

 What to Expect 

What we find when we host these sessions is that people walk in with an idea of what they think they’re going to get and walk out being so excited to go back and use the technologyThis custom session is based on your organization’s interests, priorities, and needs. Now instead of being overwhelmed with problems, you will envision how Office 365 can transform your business.   

 Business Productivity to Employee Happiness.  

We see a change and a shift in the way people approach their every day by using the right tools to solve their problems. They find that because they’re more efficient and productive. We look forward to creating a very custom session based on what your business objectives are. You will be able to empower your people by putting the right tools in their hands.

If you want to learn how you can empower your organization with a Red Level expert, please contact us at or 248-412-8200. 

For more information about gaining a competitive advantage with digital transformation, contact Red Level today.

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