What are The Five W’s of Managed Services?

WHO takes care of Managed Services?

  • IT providers focus on the small to medium-sized business market where it’s common to find companies outsourcing their IT services. A quality IT provider should feel like part of your company’s family, like a natural extension of or another department within your business.

WHAT exactly are Managed Services?

  • Managed services are a package of IT systems and solutions for your company provided by a competent service provider. The tools they provide leave you free to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Some forms of managed services include PC and network device alerts, network security, data backup and recovery, and overall system management and maintenance.

WHERE should I begin?

  • Take a look at the size of your business and clientele. How important is their data to you and your business?
  • Data security is defined differently at every company
  • Think about service outage situations and the downtime that your company can afford
  • Think about your workforce and the current or desired work location scenario for your company – people on the go, work at home policies, and the type of equipment people commonly use

WHY do I need Managed Services?

  • They provide security and reliability for your employees and clients. As your business grows, so will your infrastructure and its needs.
  • With Managed Services, you can choose your level of investment. Basic services include monitoring and notification, while more advanced services include proactive maintenance and monitoring along with technical engineers on hand to solve the issue.
  • They allow your team to focus on initiatives and projects that bring real business value instead of performing routine tasks while increasing efficiency and reducing

 WHEN is a business ready for this type of service?

  • Think of these scenarios/events/problems at your workplace where a managed services partner can assist:
    • Infections/phishing issues becoming more common
    • Windows updates/software updates in general becoming a bear to manage
    • Larger staff – outgrowing the friend of a friend IT guy scenario, logistics of equipment ordering, imaging, management/inventory, automation of technology services
    • Ready to take the next steps in technology

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