Tools & Resources for Returning to Work in Michigan

Michigan businesses have been given the green light to get back to work – but with many new rules, guidelines, and processes to ensure our workforce stays healthy and keeps the novel coronavirus from flaring up again. Enter the free COVID ClearPass app from Red Level which helps organizations fulfill many of these new safety protocols.

On Monday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer released Executive Order 2020-91 – a new order addressing how Michigan business could emerge from quarantine and gradually resume in-person work. While some of these guidelines are specific to requirements for PPE (personal protective equipment) and social distancing, many of the new rules address capacity limits, employee tracking, and emergency communication – all things the COVID ClearPass app does exceptionally well.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these six processes outlined in the governor’s Return to Work plan safeguarding Michigan’s workers from COVID-19.

  • Organizations must develop and communicate a COVID-19 preparedness and response plan. The COVID ClearPass app offers a built-in feature called Preventing the Spread that is perfect for meeting this requirement and disseminating OSHA COVID-19 safety guidelines to employees.
  • Organizations must designate one or more worksite supervisors to implement, monitor, and report on the COVID-19 control strategies. The COVID ClearPass app’s integration with PowerBI gives worksite supervisors access to a complete set of reports and alerts. In real-time, they can monitor worksite capacity, workforce queuing, and health screenings. When ClearPass identifies a red flag, the app automatically pings the supervisor (and can alert HR or senior management as well).
  • Organizations must provide COVID-19 training to employees. Again, the COVID ClearPass app from Red Level has this feature built right in. Using the News section of the app, supervisors can provide ongoing information and links to training on workplace infection-control practices, proper use of PPE, and more.
  • Organizations must conduct a daily entry self-screening protocol for all employees or contractors entering the workplace, including, at a minimum, a questionnaire covering symptoms and suspected or confirmed exposure to people with possible COVID- 19. This is the core feature of the COVID ClearPass app. The Self-Declaration Form feature walks employees through an easy-to-follow self-health screening – based on CDC & WHO recommended questions – right from their mobile phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Organizations should implement rotational shift schedules and/or start times to reduce the number of employees in the facility and through choke-points/entrances at the same time. The COVID ClearPass app offers built-in pre-registering, queuing, and scheduling functionality through its Pre-Register for a Site Visit feature. It’s an easy way for management to set maximum occupancy numbers to enable employees enough space to properly social distance.
  • Organizations must notify any co-workers, contractors, or suppliers who may have come into contact with the person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within 24-hours. Again, the COVID ClearPass app PowerBI integration and tracking allows you to easily surface everyone who may have come in contact with an employee who tests positives, making it easy to pinpoint who needs to be notified and take precautions.

We all want to get back to work AND stay safe. That’s why we’re making the COVID ClearPass app free for all businesses and organizations. Armed with these new state guidelines and the COVID ClearPass app from Red Level, we can slow the spread of COVID-19 and safely reopen our economy.

We’ve designed the app to be easy-to-use, but also easy to upgrade and add additional features. If your organization requires additional functionality, our talented team of developers is here to help. Please reach out! Contact our Metro Detroit tech center at 248-412-8200 or our Grand Rapids office at 616-776-1600.

The whole team at Red Level thinks Michigan is a great place to live, work, and play. We’re proud to do our part to give businesses and organizations the upper hand. Let’s get back to work!

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