Right-Sizing IT – Power & Flexibility for Growing Companies

Growing a business is never easy, and properly managing that growth can be even harder. A growing company has countless “moving parts” that must be considered, accommodated, and forced to work in synchronization. Head counts have to match resource requirements; facility size has to accommodate head count; budgeting, provisioning and resource allocations have to scale in symmetry with the company’s growth path. And one of the most critical – and difficult – moving parts to manage has historically been IT.

Consider the case of Teijin Advanced Composites America. Although its corporate parent is a vast Japanese chemical and pharmaceutical firm, this pioneering Red Level Client is nonetheless subject to most of the same challenges and constraints as any other emerging start-up—and some extra ones besides. When we first became acquainted with TACA, it was in the earliest stages of a collaborative agreement with one of America’s largest manufacturers, and at the outset of a growth process that would take it from four employees to more than fifty in record time.

TACA needed to conduct its own advanced design and research activities, as well as handle day-to-day business tasks. What’s more, it needed to work seamlessly and securely both with its giant collaboration partner and its overseas parent firm. TACA needed major-league IT—the complete range of services and the full measure of performance and security that an established global business would require. That posed a big challenge for a company with a limited budget, no internal IT personnel, and no existing IT infrastructure.

Ordinarily, this would mean that TACA would have no choice but to pay up front for a lot of hardware, software, and network development that they would have no immediate use for. The company would have to gamble on “getting it right the first time,” projecting future needs with absolute accuracy – and securing technology that wouldn’t be obsolete by the time it was needed. This would be a highly risky scenario, even for the most secure, well-funded startups.

As we saw it, Red Level needed to deliver a dynamic, scalable solution that could grow in lockstep with TACA itself – a solution that would deliver precisely the services needed, when they were needed, while operating squarely within budgetary limits. As it turned out, that’s exactly what we were able to provide.

Red Level worked with TACA to develop and implement a strategy keyed to immediate business needs and designed for orderly ongoing modular expansion without disruption to the company. As a result, TACA has been able to save enormously on its up-front costs while maintaining an agile, adaptive approach to its technology needs.  At each step in its growth, TACA had the exact technology it needed—and paid for nothing that it didn’t. We think that that makes the growth process a lot simpler.

Learn more about TACA’s scalable IT solution —and see how this unique approach might help your company. Download the complete report here.

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